Modernizing a shower while keeping the dated old square tile floors

Recently, a tenant at a rental property let us know that the old fiberglass/plastic style shower enclosure in the house was starting to crack. The tenant is a great tenant, and our goal is to always update properties to have them looking their best. We feel this creates a tenant that is proud of their home, and it helps to increase the value of the home over time. So, we didn’t hesitate to update this shower enclosure:

The problem was, the existing floor tile. There’s nothing wrong with it, and taking up this tile would have meant also having to take up tile in the adjoining bedroom. So, the challenge was to find a new shower tile that could update the bathroom while complementing the older square floor tile. Here you can see the bathroom floor tile we were starting with:

I headed over to the flooring store. I immediately saw flooring that I liked quite a bit, it’s modern and well priced:

However, when I tried to put together shower floor tile with the shower wall tile I love, and then put it next to a tile that looked like the existing bathroom floor, it just looked ridiculous. There was nothing tying the color or style together, so it definitely wasn’t going to work. Here’s how they looked together:

I then came across a wall tile that was on sale (I think it was like $1 per sq foot) and I really wanted to try to make it work. It seemed kind of neutral since it was mostly white with just a bit of gray veins running through it. However, to get it to coordinate with the existing beige/tan/brown floor, I tried to bring in a similarly colored small tile for the shower floor. No matter how long I looked at it, it just didn’t seem to work:

Then it happened, I was walking through the aisles for the third time, and this tile caught my eye. It has the modern size that I like, the striations that I liked from the first gray tile, and has just a hint of the beige/brown/sahara color of the existing flooring running through it. It was more expensive than the other tiles I had originally selected, but considering that all I needed was 100 sq ft of tile, it really wasn’t a big sacrifice in terms of cost.

Here’s how they looked put together at the store:

I used the small tile that coordinated with the color, and that would show a continuation of color from the rest of the bathroom floor.

Here’s a link to some tile I like from Amazon in case you don’t have a flooring store with good selection and quality closeby. (As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I also purchased a built in “niche” to modernize the shower and give a space for shower essentials.

A few days later, the shower came together!

Here you can see the tile and the old flooring and see how well they flow:

That’s it! I was so happy that for under $1000 (including the tile, grout, new green board, cement, mastic, etc, etc) we could modernize this bathroom while utilizing the existing flooring. The tenant is very happy too and has signed up for another year lease with us, so the cost of the update is definitely offset by the fact that we have great tenants and don’t have any day of lost rent while re-renting the home to another family from year to year.

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