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  • Adding A New Dimension To Your Home Via The Garden Room
    Image – Pixabay CC0 License What’s a garden room? If you are blessed with a garden room, doing more with it could rekindle your love of the space. Before starting an upgrade project, though, you must first determine what you want … Read more
  • What Makes Your Home More Attractive To Buyers?
    If you are thinking about trying to sell your home at some point in the near future, then you will need to make sure that it is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. This is the kind of thing that … Read more
  • Mirrored Closet Doors DIY Makeover with Lettering
    How to decorate mirror closet doors I was recently working on updating these mirrored closet doors in a condo that I was renovating. I found a great way to update my mirrored doors using frosting and lettering. I didn’t want to … Read more
  • DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame with Tile
    Are you looking for an easy DIY project to give your bathroom a fresh new look without spending a ton of money? Framing your builder-grade bathroom mirror with hexagonal tiles is a great option and an easy way to make a … Read more
  • How To Buy Property Without A Hitch
    Buying property can be a stressful experience for anyone, even if you have a lot of experience of doing this in the past. The truth is that there are so many things that can go wrong, and a lot that you … Read more
  • Critical Landlord Responsibilities to be Aware Of
    CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels Almost every country has critical landlord responsibilities that you must take seriously. From fire safety to preventing legionella, here are a few you need to take action on. Gas and Electrical Safety Two of the … Read more
  • How To Find Your Perfect Retirement Property
    Are you interested in finding the perfect retirement property? Perhaps you are ready to begin thinking about a relaxing future. Where to spend your retirement years is important. It’s a culmination of the work you’ve spent doing for a lifetime, and … Read more
  • Easter Egg Topiary DIY
    ?Easter topiary – an easy DIY Dollar tree project I found these Easter eggs in my dollar store under the $5 section and I knew that there was something that I could do with these for my Easter decor. I envisioned … Read more
  • Inheriting Responsibilities: Managing a Deceased Family Member’s Property
    Photo by Ellie Burgin: A loved one passing away is never easy. However, we need to try to be strong on their behalf. We need to act for them and help manage what they’ve left behind, such as property. It … Read more
  • 5 Common House Flipping Problems to Watch For
    CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels House flipping problems are common and can result in wasted time and lost money. Fortunately, they are easier to avoid when you know what they are. From electricals and plumbing to funding your projects, here … Read more
  • DIY Hanging Flower Ball (how to make them easily)
    This Spring, I wanted to create not only a DIY Hanging Flower Ball, but one that would light up at night too! Supplies Steps I wanted to create something that would look unique and beautiful in my garden during the day, … Read more
  • Starting Your Own Property Investment Portfolio
    Image – CCO License If you are thinking about trying to make your money go further, there are a lot of ways in which you might be able to do that, and it’s something that you can certainly approach in quite … Read more
  • Mortgage Rates, And Why The Housing Market Will Keep Rising
    Unsplash – CC0 License Many people looking into investing in real estate will look at a chart of historical prices and decide that it’s just too risky for them to get into it. After all, prices have been on a tear … Read more
  • How to Build DIY Wood Pantry Shelves (over existing wire!)
    Creating wood shelf pantry shelving that covers up existing wire shelving. Supply List for my DIY kitchen pantry shelves I had upgraded my pantry by adding some decorative floor tiles to the back wall (you can view that project here). It … Read more
  • How a Pool Noodle Elevated My Easter Door Decor
    Pool noodle Easter door decor I hit the dollar store in order to get started with my Easter decorations. The idea was that I wanted to create something that looked great but didn’t cost very much, so I picked up some … Read more
  • How to Create the Ultimate Snack Stadium for Your Super Bowl Party
    Introduction: As the Super Bowl approaches, many fans gear up not only for the game but also for the festivities surrounding it. Hosting a Super Bowl party is a great way to bring friends and family together for an evening of … Read more
  • Finding Your Perfectly Peculiar Work-From-Home Pad
    Alright, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the hilariously quirky world of finding your next pad, especially when you’ve got the whole work-from-home gig going on. We’re not just looking for any old place; we’re on the hunt for … Read more
  • DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas
    Easy DIY project to transform a builder grade bathroom mirror Here’s an easy and impactful way to update an old mirror, whether it’s a plain mirror or a builder-grade bathroom mirror. This DIY tutorial will guide you through creating a beautiful … Read more
  • How To Find Your Dream Family Home
    Pexels If you’re in the position to start looking for your family’s dream home, you may feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension. There’s a lot to think about and it’s essential that you make time to think about it. Bear … Read more
  • What Should You Do With The Leaves On Your Lawn? 
    3 surprising solutions If you have a backyard, there are always going to be a few downsides to it. As much as you might love how it looks or enjoy spending time outside with your friends and family (or by yourself … Read more
  • (no title)
    CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels So this post is a bit of a departure from my normally real estate centered tutorials and investing and flipping information. But, it’s important to think about other aspects of our lives sometimes, because so … Read more
  • Securing Your Children’s Future: A Family-Focused Real Estate Investment
    In the ever-changing maze of today’s world, parents with a knack for forward-thinking are turning toward imaginative ways to ensure their children’s future prosperity. Among these avenues, real estate investment stands out as a wise choice. This venture is more than … Read more
  • DIY Dollar Tree Address Sign and Planter
    DIY dollar store address sign and planter For this DIY project I use dollar store items in order to create an address sign and a little dollar tree planter. Here’s the supply list for this easy DIY Head to your local … Read more
  • Curb Appeal
    When flipping properties, you try to do everything possible to get buyers to swoon. You want them to believe that the house or apartment meets all their needs and that they don’t need to do much work before they move in. If … Read more
  • 7 Great Ways To Grow A Real Estate Business Stress-Free
    Image Credit: Jason Dent from Unsplash. Real estate boasts being a profitable industry, which is why so many people try to succeed at it. That doesn’t mean all of them will see the success they’re looking for, though. With over 2 … Read more
  • What To Consider Before Buying A Second Home
    Image credit  Investing in a second home might be exciting, but it also has its challenges. It is important to take your time when making this important decision and consider some crucial factors to ensure that your new addition does not … Read more
  • 3 Practical Tips For Moving Home Stress-Free
    Image Credit: HiveBoxx from Unsplash. Moving home can often be one of the most stressful things you ever do. There’ll be quite a lot involved in it, and it’ll take more than a bit of time and effort. That doesn’t mean … Read more
  • Secrets to Real Estate Investing Success You May Not Know
    Many people who have an entrepreneurial mindset consider real estate investing to be one of the most profitable and rewarding business ventures to pursue. In many cases, they are absolutely right, but only if you know how to make the most … Read more
  • A Comfortable Home: Top 7 Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid
    Free printable home maintenance checklist Whether it’s your first time owning a house or you’re a long-time homeowner, you are the one who has to be responsible to maintain its beauty. After all, you’re the one who’s going to suffer from … Read more
  • Testy Neighbors? Here’s How To Renovate Anyway
    How to renovate around testy neighbors Pexels – CC0 License In most residential environments, permitting is required if you hope to structurally renovate or extend your property. The threshold for what is and isn’t acceptable can depend on where you live. … Read more
  • DIY Small Pantry Makeover Using Peel and Stick Tiles
    Pantry Makeover DIY If you’ve never thought about placing floor tiles on a wall, you may be missing out on a great opportunity.  I had this very cluttered and boring kitchen pantry closet.  It’s so embarassing, it’s dark and filled with … Read more
  • Knowing More About Real Estate Can Boost Your Success
    Photo by Max Rahubovskiy: If you enjoy turning over properties and buying and selling homes, you might want to get into the game of real estate. There is a lot of money to be made when you know what you’re … Read more
  • 10 Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Home
    Image credit  Your master bedroom is not a regular room; it’s a special place that can serve as your private sanctuary. That said, not designing this space the right way can limit its functionality and comfort. The master bedroom should be … Read more
  • Playing Monopoly in Real Life: The Game of Real Estate
    In real estate, life’s board game of Monopoly lies at its heart – small steps on the property ladder can soon have you dominating the board and winning the game! Photo by Nebular Group on Unsplash Rolling the Dice: Understanding the … Read more
  • 3 Things To Consider Before Moving To A Bigger House
    The decision to up-size your home can stem from many reasons, such as relocation, a growing family, or the simply the desire to live in a more spacious house. While relocating to a bigger space can be exciting, it is also … Read more
  • 3 Great Ways To Update Your Living Room On A Budget
    Image Credit: Sidekix Media from Unsplash. Every once-in-a-while, it’s fun to make a few changes around your home. These mightn’t be anything major, but you might want to change things up a bit. You could want to update your living room … Read more
  • Garden SOS: What Is Going Wrong In Your Garden And How To Fix It
    When it comes to our homes, and buying our homes, it is important to consider the outside space. Spending time in the garden is good for the soul. Your children love it, and it can be a place to enjoy yourself … Read more
  • Renting Out Your Property? Here’s Your Essential Guide to Success
    If you’ve got an empty property that you want to put to good use, there’s a good chance you’ve considered renting it out. And, if this is the first time you’ve rented property out, you might be wondering what to take … Read more
  • How to Make a DIY Wood Pallet Sofa
    Wood Pallet Bench I was renovating this condo with a lot of DIY projects and trying to work on a budget. So, when I came across this cluster of free pallets, I knew that I needed to think about DIY pallet … Read more
  • 4 Improvements Your Home Needs Before The Sale
    Are you getting ready to sell your home? If so, then you might want to think about making some key improvements. The best improvements will mean that your home looks incredible and add additional value to your property. The additional equity … Read more
  • Best Wireless Amazon LED Lights for my Renovation
    Amazon lighting find I had this dark room in a recent renovation.  This renovation was a beach condo that I wanted to renovate using only DIY projects; you can view more of those projects here. The Problem This bedroom didn’t have … Read more
  • 6 Ways To Protect Your Home From Wood Damage
    Image credit  Wood is a favorite building material for many people, due to its lightweight characteristics. Moreover, various furniture and other things are made from this material. Despite its aesthetic beauty, it is not immune to damage. Water and pests are … Read more
  • Wall decal ideas for your bedroom
    Wall decal ideas for bedroom I wanted to bring the feeling of Spring into my bedroom. I needed a project that would be temporary, inexpensive, but also make a statement. I think I found it in this one… Here’s how a … Read more
  • Home Renovation Woes: 3 Things You Might Uncover That Can Be Hard To Deal With
    Renovation Woes Renovating a house while you’re living in it is a lot of hard work. Day and night your life is disrupted as work goes on, and even though you know you’re going to get a new kitchen or an … Read more
  • Make Moving Simple With These Tips
    Moving Day Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash It is exciting to move into your new home, especially when you are moving for new beginnings. It could be that your family is growing, you’re starting a family, or you want to … Read more
  • 4 Wall Decor Ideas Worth Trying For Your Kid’s Bedroom
    Creativity is key when designing a child’s bedroom, and nailing the wall decor is one of the best ways to make the area fun, inspiring, and playful. Of course, getting the design right long term can be very challenging, as most … Read more
  • 4 Ways Your Home’s Value Can Quickly Decline
    Image credit As you already know, owning a home is a significant investment. It’s probably going to be the biggest investment of your life- it is for most people. And maintaining or enhancing its value is crucial for long-term financial stability. … Read more
  • Are You Going To Be Selling Your Home? What Do You Need To Think About?
    Are you going to be selling your home anytime soon? If the answer is yes, then you need to think about a few different things before you can get started with this. It’s not everyday that you are going to be … Read more
  • 3 Home Moving Hacks To Make The Process Easier
    Image Credit: HiveBoxx from Unsplash. Quite a few things are involved in buying a home. It’s only the start of real work, however. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll then need to move in. That comes with a lot of stress and … Read more
  • What Makes Your Home Worth Investing In?
    If you are working on making your home sale as profitable as possible, there are several ways in which you might want to try and do that. The truth is that it’s always possible to make a home more appealing to … Read more
  • Amazon box project – Christmas Decor
    Wondering what to do with leftover delivery boxes? Wanting to find a last minute Christmas project that costs nothing at all? Here it is… I wrapped up the boxes using brightly color wrapping paper. I used a few different papers, but … Read more
  • Top 4 Factors To Consider Before Renting A Home
    Renting an apartment or a house is one financial decision you shouldn’t have to take lightly. A perfect home should be safe and comfortable for your family. Despite this, many people looking to rent properties rush to make payments without fully … Read more
  • LED Lighted Christmas Centerpiece for your Table
    Lighted Christmas centerpiece I wanted to use these tall vases to bring some light and ornaments to my Christmas table. I use these vases all the time for DIY centerpiece projects, and combining them with waterproof LED lights provided for an … Read more
  • The Art of Visible Mending: Embracing the Chaos of Pet-Ruined Furniture
    You know how it goes. You’re chilling on your sofa, and suddenly, you notice the “custom” artwork your pet has gifted you — I’m talking about those abstract scratches on your favourite chair or those avant-garde holes in your cushions. Instead … Read more
  • 6 Actions To Take to Make Your Home Look Ultra-Seasonal
    The festive season is nearly upon us and, as such, it is high time we started making our homes look ultra-seasonal. Adding various decorations puts us in the mood and gets us ready to share fun times with friends and family.  … Read more
  • Installing A New Utility Room: A Step-By-Step Guide
    Unsplash – CC0 License Installing a new utility room can be an exciting project. There’s nothing better than concentrating all your household appliances in one room, freeing up space in the rest of your home. A well organized and great smelling … Read more
  • Why Turning A New Page In A New Place Is The Ultimate Self-Growth Recipe
    So, you’re standing in the midst of what looks like a scene from a sitcom – boxes everywhere and emotions running wild. It’s the big day! Each box, each item, is a step closer to your new adventure. This isn’t just … Read more
  • How to DIY a Bathroom Wood Slat Wall
    Bathroom wood slat wall I wanted to warm up this bathroom and give the walls some depth and texture, and did so by creating a slat wall behind the mirror. Check it out and see what you think. This project was … Read more
  • Selling your home faster is possible
    Photo by RDNE Stock project: Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Are you worried it will take a long time? Don’t worry, as there are ways to speed up the selling process. Using this guide, you can find … Read more
  • How to DIY a Room Divider Partition Wall (simple easy steps)
     DIY Room Divider I have an area of my house that has this open desk area which I wanted to cover up a little bit just because it gets a bit messy and I wanted to hide it from view. I … Read more
  • Solo Cup Painting Technique
    What does a solo cup have to do with painting? I’ll show you how I used a Solo cup for a paint project, and it has nothing to do with washing out my paint brush. Add your base color The first … Read more
  • How to Dress up Your Bed for the Holidays
    Christmas Bed DIY Decor Materials I love my bed frame, but day after day it does get a little boring. So, I wanted to spice it up a bit for Christmas. So, I came up with this Christmas bed DIY. Surprisingly, … Read more
  • Waterfront St Petersburg, Florida Airbnb Vacation Rental
    Casa Coquina Condo (Airbnb St Petersburg Fl) Welcome to the Casa Coquina Condo! When searching for short-term rentals in the St Petersburg area, you’ll find a number of options, but not many with this waterside location, private patio, decor, and view. … Read more
  • A Different DIY Trim Accent Wall
    DIY Trim Accent Wall I love a good accent wall (especially affordable accent walls), and when I can create one using trim accents, it’s even better because it gives texture and presence to the entire wall. I have created these accent … Read more
  • How to Remove Paint From Tile (4 Easy DIY Methods)
    How to Remove Paint From Tile Have you ever accidentally painted your tiles? Or maybe you’re moving into a new home and the previous owners left behind some old paint stains? Whatever the reason, accidents happen. A paint spill or paint … Read more
  • Man Cave Ideas On A Budget
    Man Cave Ideas On A Budget A man cave is a space where a man can relax and be himself. It’s a place where he can pursue his hobbies, hang out with his friends, and watch the game. Man caves can … Read more
  • Decor Hack using $1 Books
    Recently I was renovating this waterfront condo using only DIY projects. I built a shiplap fireplace, added wallpaper on the sides, created shelves, and reupholstered chairs, but the room still needed more. (You can see that condo and the projects I’ve undertaken … Read more
  • How to DIY an easy solar powered water fountain for Fall
    DIY Solar Water Fountain I wanted my own outdoor water fountain, but I didn’t want any DIY water fountain project that involved anything complicated like an electrical cord that I’d have to hide, or plastic tubing to work with. If you’re … Read more
  • Kitchen Design Principles that You Should Know
    Kitchen Design Principles The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and the heart of the home. It’s where we cook up tasty dishes and gather with family and friends. But have you ever wondered what makes … Read more
  • DIY Man Cave Bar Ideas on a Budget [home project]
    DIY Man Cave Bar Ideas on a Budget So, you’ve done it, you’ve gotten the man cave you’ve always wanted. But now, it needs the best part to make it the perfect place for game day. It needs a bar. Not … Read more
  • How to Install Beadboard in your Bathroom [DIY]
    DIY Beadboard Bathroom I’ve been working on this waterfront condo this past summer, challenging myself to complete a renovation using only DIY projects that I could complete. It’s been fun, and a lot of hard work. You can view more projects … Read more
  • What is the standard kitchen countertop size?
    Average Kitchen Countertop Size: What You Need To Know If you’re anything like me, you know that the kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s our cooking space and where we prepare our favorite meals, share stories over cups of … Read more
  • How to Wash Bathroom Mats and Bath Rugs the Right Way
    How to dry a bathroom rug How To Wash Bath Mats – The Right Way This past week, I visited my son Eric. He attends the University of Alabama and has an Airbnb there. I thought it would be a good … Read more
  • DIY Bathtub Surround Ideas [How to add LVP]
    DIY Bathtub Surround Ideas I wanted to create a fun bathtub surround for this waterfront condo I was renovating. I was determined to use only DIY projects to renovate the property and try to document it every step of the way. … Read more
  • Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For Your Space
    Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas Our bedroom is more than just a sleeping space; it’s our haven, personal space, and sanctuary, our escape from the outside world. It’s where we seek solace, find relaxation and express our true selves. So, why not make … Read more
  • Coastal DIY Shiplap Fireplace
    I wanted to update the living room in this condo that I’m renovating. It’s a waterfront condo that I wanted to renovate using all DIY projects and really doing everything that I could by myself. You can view more projects from … Read more
  • DIY Faux Wood Beams for your Ceiling
    DIY faux wood ceiling beams I’ve renovated around 70 properties in my life so far, and this time I challenged myself to renovate a waterfront condo using only DIY projects. I wanted to see if I could really do it all, … Read more
  • Just featured in Redfin!
    Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in:  In the realm of interior design, it’s often the smallest details that make the most significant impact. Enter wall molding and trim – the unsung heroes of home transformation. From the … Read more
  • How I Paint Kitchen Countertops to Look like Marble
    How to paint kitchen countertops to look like marble I wanted to brighten up this dark kitchen, but getting rid of the countertops completely and changing them to marble was just too expensive.  The existing kitchen countertops were in great condition. … Read more
  • How to make an easy DIY Wood Accent Wall [with wood shims]
    An easy way to create a wood feature wall I love the way that wood boards look against a wall. Something about the little bit of natural material in a room, against a blank wall, really makes a huge impact and … Read more
  • Change a dishwasher panel door color [black to stainless]
    A great dishwasher cover project I’m working on this condo renovation and my starting point was this dark kitchen with black kitchen appliances. View other renovation projects here. (I did want to lighten everything up, so I did paint the cabinet … Read more
  • Barbie Inspired Kitchen
    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but the Barbie Movie is inspiring so many! My 16 year old daughter, Cristina, absolutely loved it. So, I started thinking about how to bring a little Barbie glamour home and I decided to look … Read more
  • How to build easy DIY wall shelves [simple and quick]
    Wall Shelf DIY Project Recently I created these DIY shelves in the living room of the waterside condo that I’m renovating, and living in, this summer. These wooden shelves were a great way for me to fill in the small spaces … Read more
  • 5 Easy DIY Interior Door Ideas And Inspiration
    DIY Interior Doors you can Complete in a Weekend Let’s talk about something we can all relate to – boring interior doors. You know, the flat old door, uninspiring ones that just blend into the background. I mean, let’s be real … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Wall Ideas
    My Favorite DIY Shiplap Wall Ideas and Projects You Must Try Ever dreamed of having a more rustic look dining room? Or maybe you’re more of a coastal-inspired person. No matter your style, shiplap walls can help you achieve your dream … Read more
  • Amazon Product Reviews
    In my purchasing of Amazon products for my DIY projects, home remodels, and everyday life, I sometimes review items I’ve purchased or received as part of a sponsorship or advertisement. Here are a few of the products that I recommend and … Read more
  • My Top 3 DIY Videos to Date
    I have to admit, when it comes to recording, editing, and uploading videos, there are many that are younger, slicker, and quicker than me! But, I’ve been trying to provide video and not just the step by step photo tutorials for … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Ceiling: How to Install it and How it Looks
    DIY Shiplap Ceilings: A quick and easy way to cover up those old popcorn ceilings.  I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of shiplap projects before but I don’t know if you’ve ever seen shiplap installed here… This condo had popcorn ceilings … Read more
  • 9 Easy DIY Accent Wall Ideas You Can Finish in a Weekend
    9 Easy DIY Accent Wall Ideas you can Finish in a Weekend If you are looking to give your living room, master bedroom, or dining room a fresh and exciting makeover in an inexpensive way and that does not require a … Read more
  • DIY Interior Door Makeover [Under $40!]; how to do it
    Interior Door DIY I think you’ll be amazed to see what a $14.00 hardboard can do for your door. This project works for any old door, including hollow core doors, slab doors, flat doors, paneled door, solid wood doors, etc. I … Read more
  • DIY Mirrored Closet Door Makeover (amazing how to)
    3 hours and $20 took this common 1980s eyesore and turned it into a modern-day beauty. If you have a mirror closet door, this is for you! Where to get the products when updating a mirror closet door: You can find … Read more
  • How A DIY Shiplap Backsplash Saved my Kitchen Reno
    I was recently updating this kitchen and I really needed to get something done with the backsplash. I had spent a lot of time already cleaning, painting the off white cabinets a more modern color, adding new pulls, and having granite … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Fireplace Wall [with free plans]
    Creating a shiplap accent wall with electric fireplace insert. My favorite DIY project to date! I knew Shiplap could be used for some great DIY projects, but I never imagined I could DIY this in just two days. Full tutorial, DIY … Read more
  • How to install DIY Picture Frame Wall Molding
    If you’ve never heard of screen molding you’re going to love how just a few pieces of this inexpensive material and some paint can transform your room. The project requires only minimal diy skills, low cost (under $50!), and not a … Read more
  • Picture Hanging Shortcut
    Hanging pictures on the wall can be a pain, especially if you want to create a gallery wall or hang multiple pictures in a precise formation. However, using tape as a template for marking hooks can make the process much easier … Read more
  • DIY Mirror: Old Windowpane to Statement Wall Mirror
    DIY Mirror Project using spray paint. What is mirror spray? Mirror spray is a type of aerosol spray that contains a special reflective coating. When applied to a surface, the coating creates a mirrored finish, which is similar to that of … Read more
  • How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring on Walls – DIY
    Bathroom walls might not be the place you first think of as a great option for flooring, but take a look at this project and I hope you’ll agree that this was a great way to use leftover material and modernize … Read more
  • Installing LVP Flooring in a Master Bedroom
    I really wanted to update this condo bedroom and make it look modern and luxurious. It had the older style laminate flooring which was coming up at the seams and it creaked and cracked a bit when walking on it in … Read more
  • DIY Board and Batten Style Accent Wall (do’s and don’ts!)
    In this project, I wanted to create a dramatic accent along the entire wall of the master bedroom. There is minimal wall texture for me to deal with and I thought I could introduce some visual interest and a dramatic paint … Read more
  • Modern Easy DIY Wood Slat Wall with LED Lights
    DIY Slat Wall I’ve been seeing cool slat walls all over social media, and in model homes, and I wanted to try my hand at creating a slat accent wall in this small condo bedroom. This is the bedroom that I … Read more