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HI. My downloadable booklets, templates, documents, income/expense reports, and tutorials are kept in a private resource library. I love to share this information and all of it is absolutely free.

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Here are a few titles in the library:

Home DIY Projects

Pantry Makeover Part 1
Free Printable Home Maintenance Checklist (Annual and Seasonal)
Tufted Channel Wood Pallet downloadable worksheet
Floral Decal Springtime Project downloadable worksheet
How to Create a Bed Frame Cover downloadable worksheet
Build a Wood Shim Wall downloadable worksheet
Create a Barn door from your existing interior door worksheet
Create an accent wall using 1×4’s
Build your own shiplap fireplace worksheet
Build a Shiplap Entry area downloadable
Install Kitchen Backsplash on Adhesive tile mat downloadable
Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Downloadable Template
Cabinet Painting Supplies Checklist

Property Flip Profit sheets

Atrium Condo
Southpointe Condo Project Income, Expenses, and Final profit
Eric’s First Condo Flip Start to Finish
30 Day Condo Flip Income Report

Investing Resources

How much should I Offer on the House, Valuation Worksheet
Easy tips and tricks to stage your rental for maximum income
Sample Escalation Clause

Fun Stuff

Zip files for 50th birthday party event
Rabbit silhouette for applique download
1 page tutorial–sewing summer pillows in 15 min or less

Downloadable Real Estate Booklets

How To Prepare your House For Sale
The Ultimate Guide For First-Time Homebuyers: A summary of everything you need to know to make that big purchase easier
The Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide: Over 30 pages highlighting What you can expect from Start to Finish!
The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Guide: Over 40 pages highlighting What you can expect from Start to Finish!
The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home On Your Own
while avoiding all the common pitfalls
Should You Hire An Agent When Buying New Construction?
A guide on how to protect your best interests
Does Owning A Home Make More Sense Than Renting?
A guide for determining what’s right for YOUR situation
The Ultimate Guide for Buying a FSBO Home
Tips on how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls
The Ultimate Relocation Guide: The Things Buyers Don’t Expect And Many Agents Just Don’t Think About
The Ultimate Relocation Guide: The Things Sellers Don’t Expect And Many Agents Just Don’t Think About
Beware The Pitfalls Of Attending Open Houses: Why going to open houses is NOT the best way to find your next home
So Your House Didn’t Sell, Now What? The Ultimate Guide for Getting Your House SOLD the Next Time Around
Selling A House During Divorce Common issues you should expect and how to deal with them
Facing Foreclosure? How to approach it with dignity, self-respect, and as much hope and help as possible
How to Handle the Real Estate of a Deceased Loved One: Common issues you’ll encounter when handling their estate.
Things To Consider Before Downsizing Your Home, Expert advice on how to downsize the right way


Home Flipping & Investing

Articles articles and information on successful real estate investing, property management, and flipping homes

Home Made – Tutorials

Step by Step instructions on projects that you can easily and quickly perform in your remodeling and home projects.

Home Staging & Decor

Tips and Tricks on budget staging and decor for rentals, flips, and even your own home.

Home Sales

Downloadable booklets and articles with information to help you sell or buy your next home.