How to install DIY Picture Frame Wall Molding

MarciaSocas If you’ve never heard of screen molding you’re going to love how just a few pieces of this inexpensive material and some paint can transform your room. The project requires only minimal diy skills, low cost (under $50!), and not a lot of time (weekend project time!). My goal with Picture Frame Wall Molding … Read more

Replacing Damaged Kitchen Drawer Fronts

MarciaSocas Here’s a great way to replace an old drawer front on kitchen cabinets. This works specifically for false front old drawers. Recently, I flipped a condo. You can view that flip, the projects involved, and the finances and profit here. As part of the kitchen renovation, I painted the 1980’s cabinets and gave them … Read more

Updating 1980’s Kitchen Cabinets for Only $120

MarciaSocas How to paint cabinets white Recently, I wanted to renovate this 1980s condo kitchen. The kitchen cabinet painting project and the associated post were sponsored by Wagner.  The opinions expressed are completely my own and are based on the results I achieved with the products used. Click here for the kitchen update Supply list on … Read more

Easy DIY Barn Door

MarciaSocas DIY a Modern Barn Door using your existing old slab door. Today I’m taking this plain and worn looking old pantry door and making it over into a beautiful barn door. You can use this DIY barn door project to convert your own doors into a modern barn door or rustic barn doors, depending … Read more