photo of holding hands

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels So this post is a bit of a departure from my normally real estate centered tutorials and investing and flipping information. But, it’s important to think about other aspects of our lives sometimes, because so many things go into who we are as a whole. Finding support can be … Read more

Selling your home faster is possible

Photo by RDNE Stock project: Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Are you worried it will take a long time? Don’t worry, as there are ways to speed up the selling process. Using this guide, you can find great tips to help you sell your home quickly. Additionally, you can also download … Read more

A Different DIY Trim Accent Wall

DIY Trim Accent Wall I love a good accent wall (especially affordable accent walls), and when I can create one using trim accents, it’s even better because it gives texture and presence to the entire wall. I have created these accent wall ideas in the past: This one is a different trim accent wall idea… … Read more