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Welcome! Thanks for coming by. My name is Marcia and I am a long time Realtor, real estate flipper, crafter, and lover of everything that goes into making a beautiful home. I hope you will enjoy the site. I will provide information ranging from craft projects to renovation and making passive income from property rentals and flipping–my favorite projects!

There are lots of topics to review! So, I’ve subdivided them below (with just a few blog post previews) into subsections that should make it easier to navigate to the area you’re more interested in.

Just click on the heading to go to that area of the site. There you’ll see all of the posts under that topic.

Home Flipping and Investing
Home Decor and Staging
Home Buying and Selling
Home Made

Flipping and Investing

Here are a few of my recent posts having to do with real estate investing, as well as the ins and outs of flipping.

Decor and Staging

Here are some ways to make your property look like a million bucks for much less than you think!

Kitchen design trends 2020

Looking For Kitchen Design Inspiration? These Are The Hottest Trends on Instagram

If you’re thinking about tackling a kitchen renovation project, you’re probably looking for as much design inspiration as possible. And one of the best places to find that inspiration—and peruse some of the hottest interior design trends of 2020? Instagram. A recent study from Wren Kitchens (outlined in an article in REALTOR Magazine) analyzed 500,000 Instagram … Read more Looking For Kitchen Design Inspiration? These Are The Hottest Trends on Instagram

Buying and Selling

These resources are great when you’re buying or selling your primary residence. Whether your a first time buyer or an experienced seller, there’s something here for everyone. Loads of free downloadable booklets and real estate articles.

Escalation Clause 2020

What’s an Escalation Clause? (free downloadable)

The escalation clause states that your offer will automatically escalate to a higher price when there’s another offer that’s higher than yours. You specify what incremental increase you agree to, and what your top price is. In this way, your offer automatically moves to the top of the list in a multiple offer situation. The advantage of it is that you try to mitigate your risk of overpaying.

Home Made

Here we go through items that help make our house a home. Simple projects and tutorials for the items that we just love to create.

5 minute Scrunchie Tutorial

Quick and easy tutorial to make a college sports team themed scrunchie. A step by step tutorial. These make great additions to graduation gift baskets. DIY your scrunchie.

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