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Welcome! Thanks for coming by. My name is Marcia and I am a long time Realtor, real estate flipper, crafter, and lover of everything that goes into making a beautiful home. I hope you will enjoy the site. I will provide information ranging from craft projects to renovation and making passive income from property rentals and flipping–my favorite projects!

There are lots of topics to review! So, I’ve subdivided them below (with just a few blog post previews) into subsections that should make it easier to navigate to the area you’re more interested in.

Flipping and Investing

Here are a few of my recent posts having to do with real estate investing, as well as the ins and outs of flipping.

Blue glass tile on adhesive tile mat

How to Install Backsplash Using Adhesive Tile Mat Backing

MarciaSocas This project covers how to install backsplash using adhesive tile mat backing. Recently, I worked on a townhouse flip where I mentored a group of teens. They gave me two days of their time, and they learned several projects involved in flipping a property. It was a great experience for everyone, and if you’d … Read more

Virtual Flip

Virtual House Flipping Project

MarciaSocas Thanks for being part of this renovation where YOU are involved in this house flipping project virtually. You can help make the decisions and work to stay in the budget. I think this will be a lot of fun and am looking forward to your input! Here’s a link to the YouTube video of … Read more

Mentoring townhouse flip

MarciaSocas Hey guys! I wanted to start giving you info on the townhouse we’re going to be working on. Now, take a look at how our townhouse looks…. Obviously it needs some work (including a new roof). So, I guess the first question is, how much would you think you’d pay for a townhouse in … Read more

Mistakes to Avoid when You Install Kitchen Cabinet Pulls [free template]

MarciaSocas How to Install Cabinet Pulls Adding kitchen cabinet pulls transformed the look and feel of this renovated condo. We flipped this condo in just two weeks, and saving time on the kitchen while making it look great was essential to our success. Avoid the mistakes I made when you install kitchen cabinet pulls. Adding … Read more

Decor and Staging

Here are some ways to make your property look like a million bucks for much less than you think!

Beach Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas

MarciaSocas What a perfect room for surfer girls! I recently saw this surf décor bedroom in a model home I was touring. It was impossible not to fall in love with the overall look of this beachy bedroom. In this particular teenage girls room, the primary design features a paddleboard on the ceiling. I would, … Read more

Chanel Inspired Bedroom [with product links]

MarciaSocas Coco Chanel Inspired Teen Bedroom This Chanel Inspired bedroom really caught my eye when I saw it the other day in a model home. The combination of pink and black and gold looked stunning, chic, and simple. Classic elegance in this Chanel bedroom. When you really look at the room, the basic elements are … Read more

Princess Room: Design start to finish

MarciaSocas How I decorated a beautiful Disney Princess Bedroom for my daughter, and what I would do differently Creating a princess bedroom for my little girl was one of my favorite DIY decoration projects. Planning and executing it was so much fun! When she saw her room, it was as if she had walked into … Read more

Amazing Kitchens 2021

MarciaSocas If you’re looking for some amazing kitchens 2021 for inspiration, I have some great ones for you! As a real estate broker and home renovator and flipper, I spend most of my days touring or researching amazing kitchens and cool kitchen ideas. Here is a compilation of some of my favorites, and I’ll keep … Read more

Entryway Wallpaper Accent Wall

MarciaSocas Creating a wallpaper accent wall, with before and after photos Entryway Wallpaper An entryway is an ideal location for a wallpaper accent wall. You can immediately let guests know the mood and style of your home. Follow me on Pinterest to view my Wallpaper board for more great wallpaper looks and ideas. How long … Read more

Buying and Selling

These resources are great when you’re buying or selling your primary residence. Whether your a first time buyer or an experienced seller, there’s something here for everyone. Loads of free downloadable booklets and real estate articles.

Escalation Clause 2020

What’s an Escalation Clause Addendum? [free downloadable]

The escalation clause states that your offer will automatically escalate to a higher price when there’s another offer that’s higher than yours. You specify what incremental increase you agree to, and what your top price is. In this way, your offer automatically moves to the top of the list in a multiple offer situation. The advantage of it is that you try to mitigate your risk of overpaying.

home buyers august 2020

August Home Buying Activity Making Up For Lost Spring Market

MarciaSocas In normal years, Spring is the hottest homebuying season of the year. But we don’t have to tell you that 2020 isn’t a normal year—and as a result of the COVID-19 shutdowns, it looks like peak homebuying season is going to hit a little late this year. According to recent data from realtor.com, pace of … Read more

Selling Your Home? Watch Out For These Stressors

MarciaSocas There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to selling your home and for many sellers, those moving parts can cause a good amount of stress. But what are the most stressful parts of the home selling process? According to a recent survey from LendingTree, some of the top stressors for home sellers … Read more

First Time Home Buyers

9 Surprising Things First Time Home Buyers Should Know

MarciaSocas People who have been homeowners for a long time tend to forget how exciting and nerve-wracking it feels to buy a home for the first time. Once you’ve been through the process, you know what to expect and aren’t surprised by the second (or fifth) go-around. But for first time home buyers, the road … Read more



MarciaSocas Expert advice from a real estate professional about getting the most out of your largest asset. Avoid making mistakes that many don’t even realize they’re making until it’s too late when downsizing. JUST GIVE ME THE CODE TO THE FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY SO I CAN GET THE GUIDE! Been thinking about downsizing your home? … Read more

Home Made

Here we go through items that help make our house a home. Simple projects and tutorials for the items that we just love to create.

Making a Personalized Kids Face Mask [iron on]

MarciaSocas Personalized kids face masks were the latest team gift I made for my daughter’s lacrosse team and they were a hit! Make these personalized face masks with a Cricut Maker or with your home printer and Iron On paper. As team mom, I’ve tried to make gifts for the lacrosse players and have researched … Read more

2 Easy Hair Ties to Make from Ribbon

MarciaSocas My daughter Cristina is playing Lacrosse this year, and I’m this season’s team mom. Wanting to be the best team mom I can be, I have been working on little inexpensive gifts for the girls to include in their snack bags before games. Due to Covid, we may not be able to have an … Read more

7 Steps to Creating Your Clubhouse Profile Ring

MarciaSocas Create a Ring around your Clubhouse App Profile Picture Are you on Clubhouse? The Clubhouse app seems to be the buzz these days, and I’ve just recently joined and am loving it. This invite only platform will soon go public and I expect it will blow up in popularity. What is the Clubhouse App? … Read more

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