Mirrored Closet Doors DIY Makeover with Lettering

How to decorate mirror closet doors

I was recently working on updating these mirrored closet doors in a condo that I was renovating.

This DIY project was part of a larger condo reno that featured over 20 DIY projects. The simple updates and diy projects totally transformed this condo into a modern home and cool living space. You can view all of the projects here. 

I found a great way to update my mirrored doors using frosting and lettering.

I didn’t want to spend money on new doors, and I wanted to have fun with a DIY project that could upgrade the space while on a budget (basically my favorite thing to do on these renovations!).

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Supplies for the “How to decorate mirror closet doors with letters” project

Spray frost (here on Amazon or home depot)
Old mirrored closet doors (hopefully you have some you’d like to update)
Vinyl Decal letters (you can make some using a Cricut machine or buy some premade here)

Step one: Create or Buy your Letters

The first step was to create the letters that I wanted to have on my mirrored surface. I worked on two different closet door mirrors. One was the linen closet and the other was the laundry. Both of these mirror closet doors were located in the same hallway, so I thought it would be great to do both of these closet door makeover projects in this small space. That way they would complement each other and give more of a modern look to this space.

cricut letters for mirror project

I used my Cricut machine to print out the letters at the size that looked right to me. Once I printed those out I used contact paper to lift the letters off of the back paneling.

cricut letters

Step 2: Clean your Mirror Surface

Preparation is often the key to a successful project, and cleaning really makes a huge difference in this one. Make sure to clean the entire surface really well. You want to have a smooth surface free of any dust or any little bit of debris. Windex and a soft cloth works well. 

Step 3: Prep your Work Area

I removed by bifold closet doors from the hallway and laid them down on a flat surface outside. This way I would be able to work on my DIY project outside without any fumes coming into the condo. Having the doors laying down is also the easiest way to apply the frosted glass paint in the next steps. 

Step 4: Apply your Lettering to the Mirror

Attach lettering to the closet mirror doors surface.

adding cricut letters to mirror

It was easy for me to simply press the cricket adhesive coverings, which was just the vinyl decal material, on to the surface of the bifold doors. I didn’t use any spray adhesive or anything, as I wanted these to be removable later. 

When transferring letters from the cricut paper (or your pre-cut letters) onto the mirror panels, use contact paper to lift the letters so that they stay equally spaced. Then press the contact paper with the vinyl decal letters (or window cling material works well too) onto the mirrored door surface. 

Smooth them down to make sure you don’t have raised edges or bubbles. 

The next step is to remove the contact paper. Just peel it back slowly so that your lettering stays in place. Make sure your edges are pressed down firmly.

Step 5: Add the spray frost to your mirrored doors.

?Adding the spray frost was incredibly easy. It goes on just like a spray paint does. Spray it evenly over the entire surface of the full-length mirror. I sprayed over the opaque window film decals as well. I allowed it to dry, and then assessed it. There was still a little too much mirror reflection for me, so I simply went over it again. 

frosted glass project

The nice thing about starting off with a light coat is that you can continue to apply more until the entire door gets the look that you want. So remember, the best option is not to start off too heavy handed, you want to adjust the amount of frosting to fit your aesthetic appeal.

frost spray over lettered mirror closet door
spray frost over mirror

Step 6: Remove the lettering.

Once it’s dry, you can simply remove the lettering. Try to use a pin or something that will allow you to pick up the lettering from the center if you can. This will help you avoid damaging the frosting at the edges of the letters. 

removing vinyl letters from mirrored door project

I did this project of two sets of doors, the linen doors and laundry room (really a laundry closet) doors. 

My result

Here’s how my doors looked. I thought this frosted mirror with lettering project was a great option for this space. It was the perfect way to update the doors a bit and a great solution for my budget.

decorating mirrored closet doors with letters


?If you’d like to see a video overview of the whole project, you can follow me on TikTok. There I show how to work through several DIY projects I’ve taken on.

This DIY project in a primary bedroom:

I also worked on a similar project (but without the lettering) in a primary bedroom mirrored bifold closet door. It proved to be an excellent way to update the old mirrored doors and made the room look more modern. That walk-in closet bifold went from an eye sore to being a focal point of the room. You can view that project and the before and after photos over here

Other options for how to decorate mirror closet doors:

This looked really cute in this condo hallway, and could see using this project in other ways as well. 

I love that adding vinyl decals can give anyone a creative option for expressing their unique touch of style. It easy to imagine someone creating simple thin lines along a mirror to give a touch of elegance. Or adding words or symbols that are fun for a daughter’s room, no matter the theme. It’s amazing how small projects like this can really allow someone to express their style and change a room. 

Thinking outside of mirrored bifold doors, you could apply a design and frost to sliding doors or french doors. It’s great because the natural light still comes into the rest of the room, it just looks as though it’s filtered through a privacy film. 

?Your turn

I hope that this is a fun option and creative solution that you can use. I love to see and share the clever ways people integrate ideas into their own new home projects, so if you take on something similar, whether it be mirror closets, glass doors, or sliders, please send a photo. I’d love to share your great result here as well! Your idea may help someone else come up with a perfect solution for their home too!

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