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  • Decor Hack using $1 Books
    Recently I was renovating this waterfront condo using only DIY projects. I built a shiplap fireplace, added wallpaper on the sides, created shelves, and reupholstered chairs, but the room still needed more. (You can see that condo and the projects I’ve undertaken … Read more
  • How to DIY an easy solar powered water fountain for Fall
    DIY Solar Water Fountain I wanted my own outdoor water fountain, but I didn’t want any DIY water fountain project that involved anything complicated like an electrical cord that I’d have to hide, or plastic tubing to work with. If you’re … Read more
  • Kitchen Design Principles that You Should Know
    Kitchen Design Principles The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and the heart of the home. It’s where we cook up tasty dishes and gather with family and friends. But have you ever wondered what makes … Read more
  • DIY Man Cave Bar Ideas on a Budget [home project]
    DIY Man Cave Bar Ideas on a Budget So, you’ve done it, you’ve gotten the man cave you’ve always wanted. But now, it needs the best part to make it the perfect place for game day. It needs a bar. Not … Read more
  • How to Install Beadboard in your Bathroom [DIY]
    DIY Beadboard Bathroom I’ve been working on this waterfront condo this past summer, challenging myself to complete a renovation using only DIY projects that I could complete. It’s been fun, and a lot of hard work. You can view more projects … Read more
  • What is the standard kitchen countertop size?
    Average Kitchen Countertop Size: What You Need To Know If you’re anything like me, you know that the kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s our cooking space and where we prepare our favorite meals, share stories over cups of … Read more
  • How to Wash Bathroom Mats and Bath Rugs the Right Way
    How to dry a bathroom rug How To Wash Bath Mats – The Right Way This past week, I visited my son Eric. He attends the University of Alabama and has an Airbnb there. I thought it would be a good … Read more
  • DIY Bathtub Surround Ideas [How to add LVP]
    DIY Bathtub Surround Ideas I wanted to create a fun bathtub surround for this waterfront condo I was renovating. I was determined to use only DIY projects to renovate the property and try to document it every step of the way. … Read more
  • Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For Your Space
    Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas Our bedroom is more than just a sleeping space; it’s our haven, personal space, and sanctuary, our escape from the outside world. It’s where we seek solace, find relaxation and express our true selves. So, why not make … Read more
  • Coastal DIY Shiplap Fireplace
    I wanted to update the living room in this condo that I’m renovating. It’s a waterfront condo that I wanted to renovate using all DIY projects and really doing everything that I could by myself. You can view more projects from … Read more
  • DIY Faux Wood Beams for your Ceiling
    DIY faux wood ceiling beams I’ve renovated around 70 properties in my life so far, and this time I challenged myself to renovate a waterfront condo using only DIY projects. I wanted to see if I could really do it all, … Read more
  • Just featured in Redfin!
    Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in:  In the realm of interior design, it’s often the smallest details that make the most significant impact. Enter wall molding and trim – the unsung heroes of home transformation. From the … Read more
  • How I Paint Kitchen Countertops to Look like Marble
    How to paint kitchen countertops to look like marble I wanted to brighten up this dark kitchen, but getting rid of the countertops completely and changing them to marble was just too expensive.  The existing kitchen countertops were in great condition. … Read more
  • How to make an easy DIY Wood Accent Wall [with wood shims]
    An easy way to create a wood feature wall I love the way that wood boards look against a wall. Something about the little bit of natural material in a room, against a blank wall, really makes a huge impact and … Read more
  • Change a dishwasher panel door color [black to stainless]
    A great dishwasher cover project I’m working on this condo renovation and my starting point was this dark kitchen with black kitchen appliances. View other renovation projects here. (I did want to lighten everything up, so I did paint the cabinet … Read more
  • Barbie Inspired Kitchen
    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but the Barbie Movie is inspiring so many! My 16 year old daughter, Cristina, absolutely loved it. So, I started thinking about how to bring a little Barbie glamour home and I decided to look … Read more
  • How to build easy DIY wall shelves [simple and quick]
    Wall Shelf DIY Project Recently I created these DIY shelves in the living room of the waterside condo that I’m renovating, and living in, this summer. These wooden shelves were a great way for me to fill in the small spaces … Read more
  • 5 Easy DIY Interior Door Ideas And Inspiration
    DIY Interior Doors you can Complete in a Weekend Let’s talk about something we can all relate to – boring interior doors. You know, the flat old door, uninspiring ones that just blend into the background. I mean, let’s be real … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Wall Ideas
    My Favorite DIY Shiplap Wall Ideas and Projects You Must Try Ever dreamed of having a more rustic look dining room? Or maybe you’re more of a coastal-inspired person. No matter your style, shiplap walls can help you achieve your dream … Read more
  • Amazon Product Reviews
    In my purchasing of Amazon products for my DIY projects, home remodels, and everyday life, I sometimes review items I’ve purchased or received as part of a sponsorship or advertisement. Here are a few of the products that I recommend and … Read more
  • My Top 3 DIY Videos to Date
    I have to admit, when it comes to recording, editing, and uploading videos, there are many that are younger, slicker, and quicker than me! But, I’ve been trying to provide video and not just the step by step photo tutorials for … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Ceiling: How to Install it and How it Looks
    DIY Shiplap Ceilings: A quick and easy way to cover up those old popcorn ceilings.  I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of shiplap projects before but I don’t know if you’ve ever seen shiplap installed here… This condo had popcorn ceilings … Read more
  • 9 Easy DIY Accent Wall Ideas You Can Finish in a Weekend
    9 Easy DIY Accent Wall Ideas you can Finish in a Weekend If you are looking to give your living room, master bedroom, or dining room a fresh and exciting makeover in an inexpensive way and that does not require a … Read more
  • DIY Interior Door Makeover [Under $40!]; how to do it
    Interior Door DIY I think you’ll be amazed to see what a $14.00 hardboard can do for your door. This project works for any old door, including hollow core doors, slab doors, flat doors, paneled door, solid wood doors, etc. I … Read more
  • DIY Mirrored Closet Door Makeover (amazing how to)
    3 hours and $20 took this common 1980s eyesore and turned it into a modern-day beauty. If you have a mirror closet door, this is for you! Where to get the products when updating a mirror closet door: You can find … Read more
  • How A DIY Shiplap Backsplash Saved my Kitchen Reno
    I was recently updating this kitchen and I really needed to get something done with the backsplash. I had spent a lot of time already cleaning, painting the off white cabinets a more modern color, adding new pulls, and having granite … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Fireplace Wall [with free plans]
    Creating a shiplap accent wall with electric fireplace insert. My favorite DIY project to date! I knew Shiplap could be used for some great DIY projects, but I never imagined I could DIY this in just two days. Full tutorial, DIY … Read more
  • How to install DIY Picture Frame Wall Molding
    If you’ve never heard of screen molding you’re going to love how just a few pieces of this inexpensive material and some paint can transform your room. The project requires only minimal diy skills, low cost (under $50!), and not a … Read more
  • Picture Hanging Shortcut
    Hanging pictures on the wall can be a pain, especially if you want to create a gallery wall or hang multiple pictures in a precise formation. However, using tape as a template for marking hooks can make the process much easier … Read more
  • DIY Mirror: Old Windowpane to Statement Wall Mirror
    DIY Mirror Project using spray paint. What is mirror spray? Mirror spray is a type of aerosol spray that contains a special reflective coating. When applied to a surface, the coating creates a mirrored finish, which is similar to that of … Read more
  • How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring on Walls – DIY
    Bathroom walls might not be the place you first think of as a great option for flooring, but take a look at this project and I hope you’ll agree that this was a great way to use leftover material and modernize … Read more
  • Installing LVP Flooring in a Master Bedroom
    I really wanted to update this condo bedroom and make it look modern and luxurious. It had the older style laminate flooring which was coming up at the seams and it creaked and cracked a bit when walking on it in … Read more
  • DIY Board and Batten Style Accent Wall (do’s and don’ts!)
    In this project, I wanted to create a dramatic accent along the entire wall of the master bedroom. There is minimal wall texture for me to deal with and I thought I could introduce some visual interest and a dramatic paint … Read more
  • Modern Easy DIY Wood Slat Wall with LED Lights
    DIY Slat Wall I’ve been seeing cool slat walls all over social media, and in model homes, and I wanted to try my hand at creating a slat accent wall in this small condo bedroom. This is the bedroom that I … Read more
  • Small Bathroom Remodel Before and After How To
    I wanted to achieve a low budget bathroom remodel. The bathroom was approx 5×8 so it’s a small bathroom with a big impact. I hope that these low budget bathroom remodel ideas inspire you! I worked on a few different projects … Read more
  • 4 Amazing 80s Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers
    In my work as a home flipper and renovator, I have come across several 80s kitchens. Creating and renovating these kitchens has been a lot of fun. So, I wanted to put together this list of kitchen cabinet makeover tips. There … Read more
  • Replacing Damaged Kitchen Drawer Fronts
    Here’s a great way to replace an old drawer front on kitchen cabinets. This works specifically for false front old drawers. Recently, I flipped a condo. You can view that flip, the projects involved, and the finances and profit here. As … Read more
  • Fairy Bedroom
    If you’re looking to create a little girls dream bedroom with a fairy theme, these suggestions should help inspire you. I saw this design in a model home that I toured here in Orlando, Florida. I love this girls room. Click … Read more
  • 99 Barn Door Ideas
    If you know me or have explored my website, you know that I love to renovate properties. Recently, I was renovating and selling a condo that had a pantry door that opened out into the dining space. It made no sense … Read more
  • Updating 1980’s Kitchen Cabinets for Only $120
    How to paint cabinets white Recently, I wanted to renovate this 1980s condo kitchen. The kitchen cabinet painting project and the associated post were sponsored by Wagner.  The opinions expressed are completely my own and are based on the results I … Read more
  • Easy DIY Barn Door
    DIY a Modern Barn Door using your existing old slab door. Today I’m taking this plain and worn looking old pantry door and making it over into a beautiful barn door. You can use this DIY barn door project to convert … Read more
  • DIY Shiplap Entryway (Wall + Shelf)
    This shiplap project is a great option for your leftover shiplap boards. I’m renovating a condo for one of my fix and flip projects, and I had some leftover shiplap pieces from another project that I wanted to use. This DIY … Read more
  • How Much To Offer on a House
    How much should you offer on a house, and can you valuate a property yourself? When it comes to valuating a property properly, many real estate investment books and tutorials will tell you to turn to your real estate agent to … Read more
  • Pencil Pouch DIY (15 min to a fab bag)
    Zipper Pencil Pouch DIY This pencil case tutorial is great as a first sewing project. Here’s one project you can check off of the school supplies list. Create custom pencil cases using cotton fabrics (or canvas) and a sturdy zipper you … Read more
  • Bottom of Door Cover Hack
    I helped my son create a college football themed Airbnb at the University of Alabama (on a budget). Some projects were large, but many of the high impact projects were actually small and easy. You can view the entire transformation and … Read more
  • Prime Day 2022 Deals
    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. To get these deals, you must have Amazon Prime. If you don’t have it, here it is for free for 30 days: Amazon Prime Free Trial Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial (Free!!) … Read more
  • 15 min Tablecloth DIY
    Tablecloth DIY: I decided to make my own tablecloth, and it was much easier than I expected. Below is my 15 minute diy tablecloth tutorial. I found it to be the easiest way to get the look and size that I … Read more
  • 2 Panel Shaker Door: Closet Door Makeover
    Recently I helped my son Eric decorate his Airbnb home. He goes to school at the University of Alabama and is a student there. He decided that, rather than have full time roommates, he’d live in a home and pay the … Read more
  • Creating a Forest Themed Bedroom
    Are you a true nature lover? Did you leave your heart in the woods when you last walked through those beautiful trees? Why not bring your heart — and the forest — back to your home! I hope the custom design … Read more
  • Sew Outdoor Summer Pillows
    Today I’m showing you a quick sewing tutorial for dressing up your patio and getting it ready for summer. Last week I made these pillows to update my existing pillow set out on my porch. These DIY throw pillows are the … Read more
  • Outdoor Patio Wall Idea
    Easy Summery DIY Patio Wall Art A while back, I taught my son how to flip his first condo. You can view the info on it on my website and see what we did and exactly how much he made if … Read more
  • Large DIY Beach Bag
    Large DIY Beach Bag. I originally created this Beachy Bag just to use as an accessory when staging a Summery Styled Porch I put together when helping my son with his First Condo Flip last year. But I fell in love with … Read more
  • Floral Bedroom Ideas from Model Homes
    Floral Bedroom Ideas from Model Homes Spring is around the corner and flowers are consuming my thoughts lately. It made me think of sharing these 4 floral bedroom ideas that I’ve seen in model homes in Central Florida. I hope this … Read more
  • Serve Up A Volleyball Themed Room — [Photos, Product Links, & Fun Ideas]
    Volleyball themed room decor Searching for bedroom inspiration for your little volleyball player? I hope the custom design in this model home will inspire you. I love to use the amazing style in these model homes as a guide to creating … Read more
  • Fall Front Door Decor
    It’s Fall! Although we don’t have much of a change of seasons here in Florida, I did want to make my front door look festive and Fall-like. So, with the use of Hay bales and pumpkins and fairy lights, I’m on … Read more
  • How to Style Open Kitchen Shelves
    Styling open kitchen shelving in a townhouse’s small kitchen. Recently, I mentored a group of teens and taught them about the different home renovation projects involved in flipping a property. (You can view all of the projects we worked on with … Read more
  • Vases with Fairy Lights [Fall 2023 decor]
    Fall Table Decor using Fairy Lights Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas décor. This year, rather than the orange floral centerpiece I usually use, I wanted to make the dining table come to life with twinkling fairy lights. These string lights … Read more
  • Themed Bedroom Product Links
    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. #commissionsearned Here are links to products for the themed bedrooms. You can find the summary page with all of the themed bedroom ideas and photos here. Science: Here’s the link to the … Read more
  • 7 Genius Science Themed Bedroom Ideas
    Genius Science Themed Bedroom Ideas A room made for science projects and clever ideas! I recently viewed this Science themed bedroom in a model home that I was touring, and I loved it. The interior designer and decorator really showcased a … Read more
  • The Best Blue Exterior Paint Color Choices
    The best blue exterior paint color combinations for your house If you’d like to jump down to inspirational photos of blue exterior color schemes, and bypass our home’s transformation, just click here. Recently, in one of our home flips, we made … Read more
  • Beach Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas
    What a perfect room for surfer girls! I recently saw this surf décor bedroom in a model home I was touring. It was impossible not to fall in love with the overall look of this beachy bedroom. In this particular teenage … Read more
  • Fall Cooling in the Central Florida Real Estate Market?
    Is the Central Florida Real Estate Market set to cool off in the Fall? Take a look at the statistical data and where it may be heading
  • Chanel Inspired Bedroom [with product links]
    Coco Chanel Inspired Teen Bedroom This Chanel Inspired bedroom really caught my eye when I saw it the other day in a model home. The combination of pink and black and gold looked stunning, chic, and simple. Classic elegance in this … Read more
  • Princess Room: Design start to finish
    How I decorated a beautiful Disney Princess Bedroom for my daughter, and what I would do differently Creating a princess bedroom for my little girl was one of my favorite DIY decoration projects. Planning and executing it was so much fun! … Read more
  • Softball Themed Bedroom Ideas and Photos
    Create a designer looking softball themed bedroom on a family friendly budget using these simple ideas and inspirations. (baseball too)
  • Applique Embroidery Project: Easter Placemat
    Easily create a beautiful Easter placemat by personalizing an existing product with applique and an embroidered name. Step by step instructions.
  • How to Install Backsplash Using Adhesive Tile Mat Backing
    This project covers how to install backsplash using adhesive tile mat backing. Recently, I worked on a townhouse flip where I mentored a group of teens. They gave me two days of their time, and they learned several projects involved in … Read more
  • Making a Personalized Kids Face Mask [iron on]
    Personalized kids face masks were the latest team gift I made for my daughter’s lacrosse team and they were a hit! Make these personalized face masks with a Cricut Maker or with your home printer and Iron On paper. As team … Read more
  • 2 Easy Hair Ties to Make from Ribbon
    My daughter Cristina is playing Lacrosse this year, and I’m this season’s team mom. Wanting to be the best team mom I can be, I have been working on little inexpensive gifts for the girls to include in their snack bags … Read more
  • Amazing Kitchens 2021
    If you’re looking for some amazing kitchens 2021 for inspiration, I have some great ones for you! As a real estate broker and home renovator and flipper, I spend most of my days touring or researching amazing kitchens and cool kitchen … Read more
  • 7 Steps to Creating Your Clubhouse Profile Ring
    Create a Ring around your Clubhouse App Profile Picture Are you on Clubhouse? The Clubhouse app seems to be the buzz these days, and I’ve just recently joined and am loving it. This invite only platform will soon go public and … Read more
  • Entryway Wallpaper Accent Wall
    Creating a wallpaper accent wall, with before and after photos Entryway Wallpaper An entryway is an ideal location for a wallpaper accent wall. You can immediately let guests know the mood and style of your home. Follow me on Pinterest to … Read more
  • Virtual House Flipping Project
    Thanks for being part of this renovation where YOU are involved in this house flipping project virtually. You can help make the decisions and work to stay in the budget. I think this will be a lot of fun and am … Read more
  • Office Nook with DIY Accent Wall
    Build a study nook or office nook in your home. This office nook features a gray accent wall and was completed in 1 day. Perfect nook for 2021
  • Mentoring townhouse flip
    Hey guys! I wanted to start giving you info on the townhouse we’re going to be working on. Now, take a look at how our townhouse looks…. Obviously it needs some work (including a new roof). So, I guess the first … Read more
  • Mistakes to Avoid when You Install Kitchen Cabinet Pulls [free template]
    How to Install Cabinet Pulls Adding kitchen cabinet pulls transformed the look and feel of this renovated condo. We flipped this condo in just two weeks, and saving time on the kitchen while making it look great was essential to our … Read more
  • Football Themed Ribbon Wreath–Welcome to our Super Bowl Party
    Easily create your own personalized football themed wreath with your team’s colors, a general football theme, or make other sports themed wreaths.
  • 15 min Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath
    Create your DIY Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath for under $15 and in less than 30 minutes. Video for elf wreath and step by step photos
  • 30 day Condo Flipping Project [with profit report]
    Condo flipping project in Florida showing work done, expenses, and profit. See how much house flippers make on a project.
  • 8 steps to Painting Kitchen Cabinets [pictures, video, and checklist]
    Is painting kitchen cabinets a good idea? Painting kitchen cabinets is quick, easy, and inexpensive. If your cabinets are in good condition, and are simply not a color that you like, this is a great DIY project for you. Here are … Read more
  • What’s an Escalation Clause Addendum? [free downloadable]
    The escalation clause states that your offer will automatically escalate to a higher price when there’s another offer that’s higher than yours. You specify what incremental increase you agree to, and what your top price is. In this way, your offer automatically moves to the top of the list in a multiple offer situation. The advantage of it is that you try to mitigate your risk of overpaying.
  • 1 Gray and White Kitchen (that blew up my Pinterest)
    Are you in love with the thought of a gray and white kitchen? As a long time Realtor and Home Flipper, I’ve seen lots of kitchens over the years. But this is the first one that I pinned and that the … Read more
  • Looking For Kitchen Design Inspiration? These Are The Hottest Trends on Instagram
    If you’re thinking about tackling a kitchen renovation project, you’re probably looking for as much design inspiration as possible. And one of the best places to find that inspiration—and peruse some of the hottest interior design trends of 2020? Instagram. A … Read more
  • August Home Buying Activity Making Up For Lost Spring Market
    In normal years, Spring is the hottest homebuying season of the year. But we don’t have to tell you that 2020 isn’t a normal year—and as a result of the COVID-19 shutdowns, it looks like peak homebuying season is going to … Read more
  • Real Estate Investing That Will Revolutionize Your Baby’s Future
    How a small investment grew to $240,000 and also paid for a 4 year University Tuition 7 months after my son was born, his father and I divorced… What a terrible way to start a story, right? Sorry about that, but … Read more
  • Eric’s First Condo Flip–Start to Finish
    Eric worked on his first condo flip. You may have considered condo flipping so I wanted to show you our results.
  • Selling Your Home? Watch Out For These Stressors
    There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to selling your home and for many sellers, those moving parts can cause a good amount of stress. But what are the most stressful parts of the home selling process? According … Read more
  • 9 Surprising Things First Time Home Buyers Should Know
    People who have been homeowners for a long time tend to forget how exciting and nerve-wracking it feels to buy a home for the first time. Once you’ve been through the process, you know what to expect and aren’t surprised by … Read more
    Expert advice from a real estate professional about getting the most out of your largest asset. Avoid making mistakes that many don’t even realize they’re making until it’s too late when downsizing. JUST GIVE ME THE CODE TO THE FREE RESOURCE … Read more
    Download my guide to addresses common reasons why houses don’t get sold, and it get a blueprint for getting it SOLD the next time it’s listed
    This booklet is a free resource guide on preparing your house for sale.
    THINKING ABOUT BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME? Become a more informed and prepared buyer than your competition. This booklet will show you, the first time homebuyer, exactly what to expect so you won’t be caught off-guard. HERE’S A PEEK AT WHAT’S INSIDE: … Read more
    Download a copy of my Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide for information on what to expect, start to finish. Over 30 pages of insider information.
  • Marketing Rental Property for Maximum Income Successfully
    Be successful in marketing rental property with these suggestions and access budget friendly DIY staging tips and tricks that maximize income
  • How to use Leverage in Real Estate, An Analysis
    Leverage Analysis–Leverage in real estate refers to getting a loan (using debt) to purchase property. When you have money to invest, utilizing leverage can make your money grow exponentially faster. Let’s go through a hypothetical scenario to see how this works. … Read more
  • Condo Bedroom Renovation and Staging Under $500
    When looking and the before and after photos of this condo bedroom, did you guess at what it cost to renovate and stage this room? It’s probably less than you think… The total bedroom renovation and staging cost was under $500! … Read more
  • How to Turn a Closet into a Wine Cellar
    Join me in transforming this unused under-the-stairs closet into an awesome wine cellar that gives character to our home and that we love using
  • Analyzing Real Estate Investments… Which Property Would You Buy?
    I’ve been a Realtor and investor in real estate for approximately 20 years, and in the course of that time, I have personally flipped or renovated and rented over 50 homes. While I don’t feel there are overnight riches to be … Read more
  • How I Decorated a Large Outdoor Courtyard
    Ideas for a personalized courtyard space just for you
  • 5 minute Scrunchie Tutorial
    Quick and easy tutorial to make a college sports team themed scrunchie. A step by step tutorial. These make great additions to graduation gift baskets. DIY your scrunchie.