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When flipping properties, you try to do everything possible to get buyers to swoon. You want them to believe that the house or apartment meets all their needs and that they don’t need to do much work before they move in. If someone can imagine living an idyllic life, driving up to the property, or having their family/friends drive up to the home for a visit, they’ll be much more likely to make an offer.

But what specifically do you need to do to give your property some curb appeal magic? Well, you’re about to find out. This post looks at the secret formula that guarantees success and ensures that the curb appeal and exterior of the home are “drive up and experience joy” worthy. 

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Make The House Number Visible

The first step is to make the house number visible. You want it to show clearly at the front of the property. Here’s a DIY project for creating a wood address sign with a planter, using supplies you can find at the DollarTree!

Making the number visible signals buyers that the rest of the home is well looked after. If the house number looks great, so too will the other parts of the property, the reasoning goes. Getting it right can make your whole place look polished and create an excellent first impression, even before buyers walk through the door. 

Clean The Windows

The next step is to clean the windows – another 30-minute job. Removing any grease or marks helps the sun shine through and gives your home a sense of brightness, according to

When cleaning the windows, ensure you have the proper tools. If cleaning the ground floor or inside, make sure you have a squeegee and use a cleaning formula that won’t leave any marks or streaks. 

If cleaning the windows on the upper floors from the outside, get a pumped rod. Avoid the temptation to want to clean them on a ladder or scaffold. That’s dangerous. 

Give Your Exterior Doors A Makeover

Another strategy is to give your exterior doors a makeover. Making them look their best can help you put your best foot forward when it comes to selling.

Start by repainting them in a striking color. Do everything you can to make the door stand out but also complement the rest of the building (if possible in your area). Then, add some attractive accessories to make the property feel more upmarket, even if you’re selling to a budget market. Putting a fancy knocker on the front or an attractive knob on the handle isn’t expensive but makes the property feel more aspirational. 

Maintain The Pathway To The Front Door

Next, ensure you properly maintain the pathway to the front door. Avoid letting parts of the front lawn encroach on it. Make it clear, clean, and smooth, so buyers don’t feel like they are tripping over themselves

You can make the path to the front door more attractive by adding flowers and potted plants along the edges. You might also want to add some decorative stones to make it even more appealing. 

The more you can turn the walkway to your property into an event, the more impressed potential buyers will be. Adorning it with colorful flowers and beautiful flower pot arrangements can have a profound effect on its overall appeal. 

Accessorize The Front Door Area

You also want to accessorize the front door area. Adding things like a quirky mailbox or a beautiful doormat can help elevate the appeal of the space and make it feel more homely and welcoming. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves moving in the next day because it feels so cozy. 

When accessorizing the door area, focus on elegance and charm, but beware of adding too much personality. While a couple of planters hanging on either side of the door is great, filling your veranda with them might put people off. 

Tidy Up Your Facade

Don’t expect buyers to offer you more than the asking price if the facade looks less than ideal. It should look pristine, otherwise you might attract lower offers. 

Sites like show some examples of the types of products that can improve facades. For example, fixing the guttering or adding new roof-finishing items can transform the atmosphere of a home. 

Also, focus on your siding. Check that it is still clean. If in doubt, use a pressure washer on it to remove any gunk and grime and help it look fantastic again. 

You should also clean the roof. Removing dirt and moss growth can make your property look more modern, welcoming, and inviting. Most people don’t want to live in a home where they constantly have to worry about it being in a state of disrepair. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

Another powerful tool you can use is outdoor lighting. Illuminating the exterior of your property can help it look even better at night. 

Try placing lamps on the ground facing upwards toward the sky, slightly turned towards your property. Adjust the colors and intensity to get the look you want. 

You can also add lighting part-way up your property and point it upwards to illuminate the upper floors and roof. This approach gives the home more depth and visual interest for prospective buyers visiting in the evening. 

You can purchase some inexpensive exterior lights that look expensive, it really helps freshen things up.

Add Some Fresh Paint

Fresh paint is another potent mechanism to improve your curb appeal and make buyers swoon. Just adding a new layer of white paint can conceal decades of degradation and dirt.

The approach you take depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your home. White paint has a modern appeal, while other colors, like racing green or brown add a different effect. Consider what the transition from outside to inside will feel like for buyers. Ensure the experience is consistent and avoids leaving people aesthetically confused about how the home should appear. 

You should also try to choose hues and colors that reflect the home’s surrounding environment. The more green or lush it is, the more the exterior of your property should reflect this. 

I have a post about the best blue colors to use on your home, if you’d like to explore some blue hues.

Add Something Cozy

Unsplash – CC0 License

Finally, it is a good idea to add something cozy to your home’s exterior. Go beyond just aesthetics and consider how certain objects might make prospective buyers feel. 

For example, you could add a porch swing (there are many under $200) to give the property a family vibe or add rocking chairs if you want a retirement home.

I routinely add new cushions to my outdoor sofa using this quick pillow sewing tutorial.

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