Floral Bedroom Ideas from Model Homes

Floral Bedroom Ideas from Model Homes

Spring is around the corner and flowers are consuming my thoughts lately. It made me think of sharing these 4 floral bedroom ideas that I’ve seen in model homes in Central Florida. I hope this bedroom décor and simple bedroom decorating ideas can help you with your floral themed room.

Enjoy the photos and I’ll also provide links to products on Amazon that you can use for your bedroom decorating. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Floral Wall Décor

This first bedroom has a flower wall backdrop behind the bed. Using flower wall décor like this makes for an easy diy flower wall. They’re basically just a wall hanging and it looks fantastic when paired against a bright accent wall color like the pink in this image.

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floral decor on bright pink accent wall

Notice that there is only one accent wall in this bedroom design. The other walls are white and fade into the background of this modern bedroom. This is a great way to avoid having to install bedroom wallpaper if you prefer to avoid placing a floral wallpaper treatment to your walls.

While the bright wall with the flower wall art is the focal point, the theme is carried though to the floral accent pillows. For this look, keep the bed somewhat neutral. I love the way the bright bed skirt matches the pink accent wall. The polka dot bedspread is a simple way to introduce another pattern (the polka dots) while not overwhelming the room.

You can see that this girl bedroom in the model home isn’t the master bedroom. It’s a small room and has a young feel to it. In order to get the most functional use of the room, rather than have two bedside tables, a desk is added at one side of the bed. Notice the adorable photo frame (sunflower) on the desk that continues the floral bedroom theme in the room.

While the curtains are a simple white color, the pom pom fringe keeps it young and chic.

More sophisticated floral bedroom

While this second flower themed room utilizes the same flower wall décor, it feels like a more sophisticated design. The flower wall in the bedroom is toned down to fewer flowers, still in white.

flower themed room

Perhaps the reason is that, rather than bright pink, the wall color is a soft blue. Or, it could be that the wall behind the bed, with the trim work and white paint, looks more elegant. Those accent trim frame features are another easy diy project.

In this flower bedroom, the floral print bedspread takes more of a central role. The floral pattern features blue green colors. See how the pop of pink in the bedspread is carried over to the soft pink nightstands. In this other view of the floral bedroom, you can get a better look at the bedside tables and notice the botanical leaf accent and the cute pineapples on the bedside tables carried through to the accent pillow on the bed.

Floral bedding and wall features

The window treatments are kept neutral again in this room. Now, let’s not overlook the great wallpaper print that finishes the room and makes it really feel like a modern design and, truly, as though an interior designer masterfully finished off the room. Rather than overwhelm the room with floral wallpaper that would compete with the floral patterns in the floral bedding; the wallpaper pattern here introduces a more neutral repeating pattern. (Similar to the way the polka dots in the comforter in the other floral room brought in another pattern that didn’t compete with the floral theme). It’s separated from the comforter and kept as a bordered accent at the top of the room.

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Flower Wall Decor with a Striped Background

Here’s one more variation using lots of colors. The bright striped wallpaper creates a great backdrop. The pop of bright pink makes the room vibrant.

Notice that, yet again, the decorator introduced a second print in the room; this time it’s the black and white striped ottoman.

floral bedroom idea showing striped wall with floral wall decor and pink and black accents

Unexpected floral accent bedroom

floral ceiling detail in floral themed bedroom

In this forth room, the floral accent is a bit unexpected. Rather than having floral prints or floral wall hangings, there is a floral wall mural on the ceiling. I love it!

This is a different way to showcase the flower themes in a bedroom. This small room can’t carry too much on the walls because it would make the space feel smaller. This is a room where you definitely would not want to use dark floral designs or heavy floral prints. Notice how they keep the walls light and white and add visual interest with the white patterned accent woodwork on the wall. This is great if you want to keep a white bedroom and just add colorful floral designs via artwork on the walls. Coupling this with the fresh look of an accent ceiling with flower patterns really completes the small space and makes the whole room pop.

Notice that the colors in the entire room are kept light and neutral. There’s just the addition of a bit of a peach color in the decorative pillows and space under the window. The focus of the room is the ceiling with it’s floral wall mural. You can find a similar wallpaper pattern here, which might be easier than finding someone to paint a mural on your ceiling.

I hope these creative ideas from these beautiful bedrooms serve to inspire you. Whether you’re planning guest bedrooms or master bedrooms, you can use the ideas found in these interior decorator created floral rooms.

If you’re looking for other ideas for decorating a bedroom, check out my other themed room ideas. 

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