Harry Potter and Disney Princess Rooms!

When I placed our Disney area condo for sale, the last thing I expected was that so many people would be interested in where I got the items to decorate the unit. We really did have a great time decorating and designing it (photos and details below)!

If you are interested in the items used in decorating the Disney Princess and Harry Potter unit, here are a few links to help you. I bought almost everything on Amazon and am inserting the links below.

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Anyways, on to the decor….

Princess Room Decor:

Here’s a before and after of the room, so you can see how much it was transformed:


The Disney Princess room came to life with the installation of a large Princess wallpaper mural along the wall. The cost of the wallpaper was approx $125. Here’s a link to help you order the exact same one. Just click on the photo and it’ll open the Amazon link to it:

We also added touches to the room with very simple decals. Here, I took off the existing light switch plate. It was easy to simply spray paint it with a glitter spray paint. I then placed Tinkerbell on the wall over the edge of the light (cost of decal approx $5).


Here’s the link to the Amazon page for the decal:

And, of course, we wanted to incorporate an existing mirror with a spin on the “Magical Mirror” from the Disney movies. Again, we just reused a mirror that was there, and added a decal. Cost was approx $10, and time to do the decals was under 10 minutes.


Here’s the one we used, you can click on the photo to view it in Amazon:

Aside from those items, the use of a bright bedding was really helpful. We’ve alternated between solid comforters and patterned ones, and both look good, it’s really just a matter of choosing your favorite color, since most colors are represented in the mural. Here’s a peek at how it looked when we used a yellow comforter at the beginning:


Here are some queen comforters under $50

So, you can see from the totals above, the cost for us to transform this Princess themed bedroom was well under $500.

The other upgrade we did was to add luxury vinyl plank flooring. This made a really nice difference in the look and cleanliness of the unit, since carpet traps so much dirt. We got our vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot, but I don’t have a specific link to the item, I will try to look that up. In the meantime, here’s a link to the vinyl plank flooring options on Amazon, in case you want to get an idea of the different “looks” and prices that are out there for it: https://amzn.to/3aUptmW

 By the way, here’s another room (not in this condo) that I renovated using the same type of wallpaper and some curtains with scrolls that made the room look royal. This gives you just another look at how the wallpaper transforms a room:

Good luck, and if you do transform a princess room, I hope you’ll leave a comment and photo!

Now, on to the Harry Potter Wizarding Room:

Here is the before and after photo on this room–


What a crazy difference, right?!

This one was also easy, and I even had my son help put up the wallpaper, and he was only 15 years old at the time. It took less than a day for this transformation.

The bedding, poster, and hanging a Wizard’s cape on a hook on the wall  add to the effect.


Here are links to the items used (from Amazon):

If you’re interested in the stone wall look in the Harry Potter room, you can use this link and explore the option that’s best for you:

If you’re looking for other Harry Potter items, here’s a link to the Harry Potter store:


For the bedding in the Harry Potter room, these red comforters were only $30, if you click on the link, you’ll see they come in various colors and patterns if you prefer something else.

Here’s the link for the Harry Potter Poster featured in the room:

And, finally, here are the pillowcases. The specific ones I ordered don’t seem to be available at this time, but here are some that I found that are very similar:

Beauty and the Beast Master Bedroom

In addition to the Princess and Wizard room, we decorated the Master Bedroom in a Beauty and the Beast theme.

This look was also achieved by using wallpaper. This wallpaper was a bit heavier but it seemed to go well with the theme. I used it only on the back wall so that it wouldn’t overwhelm the room.

Adding a royal looking comforter and lots of throw pillows help with the look.

Then just add a poster or framed artwork, an “enchanted rose” under a glass case, and a few chocolate roses on the bed.

Your look is complete!

enchanted rose

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