DIY Dollar Tree Address Sign and Planter

DIY dollar store address sign and planter

For this DIY project I use dollar store items in order to create an address sign and a little dollar tree planter.

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Here’s the supply list for this easy DIY

Dollar Tree basket
Dollar Tree craft wood

Head to your local dollar store for this adorable home update.

I grabbed one basket and 10 of these wooden pieces (above).

Start by Staining (or Painting)

staining wood

Once I got my supplies home I set to work standing them using these easy staining cloths that I had in the garage. If you did not want to use stain, you could also spray paint your pieces.

Black paint would probably look amazing and modern if you paired it at the end with some really cool silver modern font address numbers, for example. Brown paint could contribute to a farmhouse type of style or something similar to what I’m doing here, while white paint would look great for a coastal style pretty planter and address sign. How you put together this Dollar Tree crafts project is really a great way to showcase your design style. 

Assembling the DIY dollar store address sign and planter

Assembling the DIY dollar store address sign and planter

Once they were dry, I set up two of the wooden pieces vertically and then I added the rest of my wooden pieces horizontally.

 The spacing worked out perfectly– eight of these pieces fit perfectly over the two vertical ones.

Laying out my DIY dollar store address sign and planter

Secure the Wood Pieces

Hammering nails into my DIY dollar store address sign and planter

 The next step was to secure these in place which would have been really easy if I had a nail gun at hand, but I didn’t so I just used some 1-inch nails and put those in place.

Once I added the first nail it was easy to just follow the line straight up and continue nailing along that same line once that was done on both sides so that the wood was secured to both of the vertical sticks

If you don’t have a hammer and nails you could potentially use a hot glue gun, but I really worry that it might not stay in place well enough. Even though these Dollar Tree planters are quite light, once you put real plants and soil into it the weight could become too much for the glue.

securing the basket

Then the next step was to add the basket. I lined it up along the bottom and then nailed it into place 

Alternatively, you could use a small plastic pot or even a metal planter, as long as you can find the perfect size for your project.

Adding your House Numbers

adding house numbers to DIY address project

Now I was ready to add house numbers to my project. I had purchased these 4 inch house numbers because I only needed 2 digits, however if you have a longer address then you may want to get smaller (maybe two inch) numbers. I nailed these into place and my project was looking pretty good.

restaining the wood

At this point I also took my staining wipes and went over any areas that needed a little more stain.

The Final DIY Dollar store Address sign and Planter

The next thing I did to finish it up was to add some pretty flowers. I love the way the flowers look and how they bring color to the project.

The last step is simply to hang it up, and here’s how mine looks in front of my door.

Completed DIY dollar store address sign and planter

I love how it looks, and it coordinates with the color of my front door as well.

While I used real plants, you could choose to use faux plants with floral foam, succulents, or fake succulents.

Either way, this little set of Dollar Tree Supplies turns into a gorgeous planter once you have it painted or stained, and filled with your plants for your ideal decor piece.

 It brings a little color to the front and allows people to see the address of the house very clearly.

Your Turn to Make a DIY Dollar Store Address Sign and Planter!

I hope you’ll create one of your own. There are so many creative ways to adapt this project. You can even just have the wood vertically with the basket at the bottom so that you have longer space for your address, and have a different look.

If you do try this DIY project, please send me a photo, I’d love to upload it here.

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