3 Home Moving Hacks To Make The Process Easier

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Quite a few things are involved in buying a home. It’s only the start of real work, however. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll then need to move in. That comes with a lot of stress and hassle itself. It can even lead to you pulling your hair out a bit. And, since the home buying process itself can cause a strain on your relationship too, you need to do what you can to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

With some home moving hacks, you could make things much easier for yourself. If you want to make the process a lot easier for yourself, it’s worth diving into a few of these. These three could make it easier than you’d think.

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Home Moving Hacks: 3 That’ll Make The Process Easier

1. Label Boxes By Room

By the time you’re done packing, you’ll have quite a few boxes filled with belongings. Unless these have been clearly labelled, figuring out what’s in each of them and where they need to go could be relatively tricky. Take a smart approach when you’re packing to avoid this.

Packing room-by-room is recommended. At the same time, it’s worth labelling your boxes by room. It’ll make unloading your moving truck and unpacking much easier. It could even save you a decent bit of time and effort during moving day. It’ll only take a few extra minutes to do, making it well worth the effort.

When it comes to clothing in your closet, pack them with the hangers still on them. If you angle the hanger on the diagonal to the box, they should fit pretty easily. Unpacking goes a lot quicker if you can just pull these right out of the box and hang them right up.

2. Plan For Improvements

Just because you bought a home because of how nice it is doesn’t mean it’s perfect. You may want to make a few improvements before you move in. Plan for these to take place before you have to move out of your old home. It could save you quite a few headaches.

Specifically, painting and flooring are best done while your new home is empty. Ideally, you’ll paint first. This paint sprayer has been wonderful for me in my renovation projects. After that, installing flooring is best. Here’s how to install luxury vinyl plank flooring. It’s a pretty straightforward DIY project.

Once those are done, you’ll need to decide if you want to make any major kitchen updates. These would be great to get out of the way before moving day, because being in your home without a fully functioning kitchen can be another source of stress. Here are my favorite “high end looking but budget friendly” kitchen update items. And, here are some kitchen improvement projects you can take on yourself.

You can view other great DIY projects here, most of them being simple updates to accent walls and bathrooms. Also, if you’re moving with children, here are some great themed bedroom ideas.

Need to plan your renovation? – Here’s an instant download that can help

Taking care of these items ahead of time means that you wouldn’t have to deal with putting up with improvement projects while trying to relax. If you have to move out of your current place, it could be worth storing belongings with StorageArea while the work is being done. It’ll keep your furniture out of the way while the improvements are being done.

3. Only Pack Up What You Want

While you’ll have quite a few belongings in your old home, it doesn’t mean you’ll want all of them. There could be quite a few you mightn’t use or want anymore. There’s no reason to pack these up and bring them with you to your new house. Get rid of them before you move. No sense in carrying around things that you don’t want.

Depending on what they are and their condition, you could sell or donate these. You’ll be much better off once you do, and it’ll cut down on your overall packing. While you’ll need to sort through your belongings first, it can be more than worth the effort. And, it’ll make your new home less cluttered.

Home Moving Hacks: Wrapping Up

Moving into a new home can often be one of the more stressful things you can do. Since it comes right after the stress of buying a home, it can feel even more overwhelming. That doesn’t mean you need to settle for that.

Using a few home moving hacks could make it much easier than you could think. While there’ll still be some work involved, you’ll get through it without much of the stress. You’ve no reason not to try them out.

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