Adding A New Dimension To Your Home Via The Garden Room

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What’s a garden room?

  • A garden room is a versatile outdoor structure that can be used for various purposes.
  • It can serve as a storage area, a workshop, or even a cozy retreat.
  • While both garden rooms and “she sheds” offer additional space, a “she shed” is specifically designed as a retreat for women, whereas a garden room can serve a broader range of purposes. 

If you are blessed with a garden room, doing more with it could rekindle your love of the space. Before starting an upgrade project, though, you must first determine what you want to achieve with the space.

The possibilities will be influenced by the size of the room, as well as your budget and lifestyle. The following five options should provide you with some inspiration.

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Home Cinema Room

Firstly, there’s nothing quite like watching your favorite film on the big screen. The garden room can easily be converted into a home cinema blessed with a projector screen, sound system, and comforts like a popcorn machine. Whether it’s streaming Twilight movies as a family or watching the big game with friends doesn’t matter.

Your home cinema will become a family favorite. It’ll also be a place you can go to switch off from the outside world.

Home Office 

Work-from-home models have become very popular in recent times. Your garden room is the perfect place to build your workspace. You won’t have distractions from family members and can also keep your work and home lives separate. Creating the perfect home office space is an affordable and accessible task. The key is to know your requirements and make decisions that will allow you to work to your full potential.

When the right facilities are in place and the office space is organized, productivity can soar. The rest of the property can remain a home too.

Image – Pixabay CC0 License

Home Gym / Workout Studio

If you want the garden room to improve your quality of life, a gym is ideal. You don’t need lots of expensive items. You simply need some space for stretching and learn how to use dumbbells for a workout. Kettlebells and resistance bands may also be utilized. Of course, a stationary bike or treadmill may be added too.

Either way, though, knowing that you can exercise without a 30-minute trip to the gym can encourage consistency. In turn, you’ll get fitter than ever in no time. 

An Annex

As teenagers get a little older, they need independence. However, most parents would rather that they stay at home for a little longer. Also, kids coming back home after college is common. Not least due to current rental costs. An annex gives them the perfect place to have a little freedom while maintaining the safety of home. A bedroom and living space are all that’s required as they can use the bathroom and kitchen from the main home. 

It would also work wonderfully as a guest suite for out-of-town guests that are staying for an extended time or who would enjoy additional privacy.

However you use them, large garden rooms could incorporate those features to become a small self-contained apartment. It adds value to the home too.

Game Room Or Bar

Garden rooms have a lot to offer. Nevertheless, the chance to encourage more time outside by connecting internal and external areas is one of the best features. Creating a bar or game room is ideal. Aside from becoming a great place to relax alone, it’ll give you the perfect place for hosting parties and enjoying delightful desserts. Aside from combining the best of inside and outside entertainment, it prevents damage and mess coming inside to the rest of the home.

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