How a Pool Noodle Elevated My Easter Door Decor

Pool noodle Easter door decor

I hit the dollar store in order to get started with my Easter decorations. The idea was that I wanted to create something that looked great but didn’t cost very much, so I picked up some garland, found some flowers, picked up some decorative mesh ribbon, a string of eggs, and some strings of carrots as well—pretty much anything I could find that had an Easter theme to it and was long. I picked it up. 

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  • 4 pool noodles (Dollar store)
  • 4 strands of garland (I would’ve grabbed more but that’s all they had) (Dollar store)
  • 12 strings of eggs (Dollar store)
  • 10 strings of carrots (Dollar store)
  • 4 rolls of pink mesh ribbon (Dollar store)
  • 2 packages of this garland from Amazon
  • These Velcro Command strips
  • Some zip ties

I had some pool noodles at home, and I had an idea. Once I got everything home, I laid out my pool noodle and brought out some garland that I had purchased online. This garland served as the base, wrapping around the pool noodle several times.

I then filled it in a bit more using the dollar store garland. It doesn’t hold the most realistic faux flowers but it does provide a perfect way to create a great base for this project.

wrapping garland for door decor

When it came time to securing the garland at the bottom, I looked around to see what I could find. The one thing I had handy was some paper clips, so I was able to thread the garland through the paper clip and just shove that into the pool noodle itself, and it held securely. 

wrapping the pool noodle with a string of easter eggs

Once the garland was wrapped in place, my next step was to use the string of eggs and wrap those around as well. Following that, I ended up moving forward with the carrots, and then I used the ribbon in order to cover up any spots where I felt like there was just a little too much pool noodle showing through.

adding dollar store carrots on a string
adding decorative mesh ribbon to my pool noodle easter door decor

I created two separate pool noodles this way, but then I knew I had to do something larger for the area over my door. 

The Easter Decor Over the Front Door

attaching two noodles with duct tape

So here I had to take two pool noodles and put them together using a strip of duct tape. 

hanging my pool noodle easter door decor

Once I did that, I covered up the small piece of duct tape area using a new piece of decorative mesh, and I knew that I was going to use that area to hang it from a hook that I have right over the center of my door. I decorated those pool noodles similarly, using again the garland, the eggs, the ribbon, and the carrots, and then I took it outside to set it in place. I set up the top garland by just using the hook that I have above my door, and making sure that that was in place.

The Zip Tie Velco Trick

For the side pieces, though, I used a pretty cool trick. I placed some Velcro command strips right along the side of my door frame, and then I placed the zip tie, and then placed the other side of the Velcro right on top of that, so I had a holder. 

command strip velcro
creating a zip tie held by velcro

Once that was ready, I took my pool noodle, put it in place, wrapped the zip tie around, and secured it into place. It held securely because of pool noodles not very heavy. I used two different zip ties per noodle just to distribute the weight a little bit more. 

attaching my pool noodle easter door decorations using a zip tie

It held in place perfectly, and once I’m finished with this project, I’ll be able to remove the command strip easily and not have anything left around the door. 

My Final Pool Noodle Easter Door Decor

 The last step was to fill in spaces that still looked a little sparse by adding a little more ribbon or some of the flowers that I had gotten from the dollar store, and just kind of make it look the way that I liked. Here’s the final view; you can see that it looks really full because the pool noodle just makes it look a lot fuller and a lot more substantial than those vines and things look on their own. I hope this inspired you to do something fun with your Easter decorations around your front door. 

finalized pool noodle easter door decor

Follow along for some more projects, including a beautiful Spring wreath using a pool noodle and Easter eggs! (Pool noodle wreath tutorial here).

Also coming up, a fun way to create an Easter basket planter. 

If you enjoy embroidery, here’s a fun placemat Easter applique project!

Your turn!

This pool noodle project was a great way to utilize some inexpensive Easter decorations, (including artificial flowers, strings of Easter eggs, colorful ribbon, and garland) to create a front door DIY project that really gave my entrance door a nice full look, perfect for the Easter holiday. This easy DIY project would work well for spring decor of classroom doors, or anywhere you have spring celebrations. I hope you enjoy this fun project, and would love to see your Easter themed colorful Easter door decoration. If you do create your own Easter door decorations, please send me a photo and I’ll post it here so that we can share door decor with each other. 

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