Garden SOS: What Is Going Wrong In Your Garden And How To Fix It

When it comes to our homes, and buying our homes, it is important to consider the outside space. Spending time in the garden is good for the soul. Your children love it, and it can be a place to enjoy yourself or even entertain. So, making sure your garden looks great may be high on the priority list. With that in mind, here are some of the common problems that occur in our gardens and some tips on how to fix them. Hopefully, they will help you prepare your garden for the year ahead

Image source – pixabay – cco license

Overgrown flower beds

The first thing we may spot is overgrown flowerbeds. This may be the result of not being able to keep things under control during the summer months. While they may not have done much growing in the colder months, there still will have been some growth. This can look unappealing. So your first step would be to trim back overgrown bushes and flowers and neaten them all up ready for the summer and some new growth. Once things have been cut back, this is where flowers will begin to bud once more. 

Undernourished lawn

Our lawns may have grown a bit over Winter. But the most common issue would be that they have become undernourished or developed things like lawn fungus. This could be anything from brown spots, discoloration and even snow mold. All of which can be deadly to your lawn and will need treatment as soon as possible. Everyone wants a lovely green lawn in their garden, so make sure you treat it when you can. You might also want to hire professionals such as TruGreen to ensure that you keep your lawn looking great. It is good to get the lawn trimmed and neaten up the edges as well making it look more presentable and tidy. 

Weed problems

Weeds can cause many problems in your garden. They can appear in your lawn, the patio or decked areas and your flower beds. They fight against your flowers and bushes for lawn and nutrients out of the soil. Which means the plants you want to thrive won’t stand as much chance. It’s vital to keep your flower beds and garden free of weeds to make sure the plants have a fighting chance of survival. Weeds need to be removed by the root otherwise they will just re-grow. You can buy some weed killers which can help to get rid of them once and for all. Just be careful when adding chemicals to your garden to make sure you don’t spoil any of your plants or lawn. 

Unwanted insects

Those pesky critters can cause many problems in your garden. Midges can eat the leaves of your plants, whereas other bugs can do the same. They can cause you many problems including damage to the root of your plants. They can also multiply quickly so it’s worth checking your plants regularly to avoid being disappointed. You can buy great pesticides which can help with the problem but always be cautious when using chemicals in your garden.

Let’s hope this helps you get your garden in shape for the Summer ahead.

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