6 Actions To Take to Make Your Home Look Ultra-Seasonal

The festive season is nearly upon us and, as such, it is high time we started making our homes look ultra-seasonal. Adding various decorations puts us in the mood and gets us ready to share fun times with friends and family. 

But how can you dress your home to look the part? That’s what we explore in this post– how to create your seasonal home. You’ll get all the info you need to add Christmas cheer to all of your rooms, so you’re ready for when guests come to stay. 

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Hang Some Snowflakes

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One option is to hang snowflakes inside, even if the weather is still balmy outside. Living in Central Florida, I can tell you that we never get snowflakes here. But, we can bring the winter feel inside by adding some a faux snow feel.

Snowflakes come in various shapes and sizes and bring natural-looking décor into your interiors that look stunning. 

Here are some snowflake options to hang, clings to place on your windows, or lights to string on your seasonal home or on the patio.

Holiday snowflakes are also great because you can hang them anywhere and they hardly take up any room. Put them on your tree, the walls, or anywhere else you can think of.

Light Your Fireplace

Another thing you can do to make your home look extra festive is to light your fireplace. Getting the wood burning will completely change the room’s atmosphere and give you the sense that the season has really arrived. 

Lighting the fire is actually quite a hygge thing to do. Getting your rooms all warm and cozy for the colder weather is an excellent way to start the winter and see yourself through it in style. 

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can check out my tutorial on how to build a shiplap fireplace of your own with an LED fireplace insert. It’s easy and brings the cozy feeling to your seasonal home regardless of the climate that you’re in. Here’s a different shiplap fireplace I built in a beach condo I was remodeling; so it’s more of a coastal fireplace vibe.

Bake Cookies And Put Them Out

You can also give your room the festive aromatherapy treatment by baking some cookies and putting them out on a dish or in a vase. The smell should percolate through your entire home, with subtle notes of butterscotch and chocolate chip wafting into your nostrils. It could be the answer to your Christmas prayers!

I am actually known in my family for my chocolate chip cookies but, honestly, my secret is just to use premade mix (the chocolate lovers one is my favorite) and just undercook it by 2 minutes. They have such a soft consistency in the middle that everyone just loves.

Put On The Christmas Music

Another thing you’ll want to do to get ready for the season is to put on some Christmas music. A few carols or some relaxing festive jazz can do a lot to transform the atmosphere and put you in the mood for turkey, gifts, and knocking back your favorite drinks. 

Add Some Candles

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You can also make your rooms more festive by lighting some candles and placing them in strategically safe places around your rooms. These add to the ambiance even more and are a surprisingly cheap solution if you use soy wax-based products.

You can also get floating candle sets if you are worried about fire. These suspend candles in water and can look great when properly lit and assembled. 

Alternatively, fairy lights work great in decor and bring about the “twinkling lights” feel. Here’s how I incorporated fairy lights into a tall vase centerpiece with pinecones that I really loved.

This year, I used waterproof puck lights to add light to my Christmas table decor, since I didn’t want to leave candles unattended on the table.

Hang A Wreath On Your Interior Doors

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You can also try hanging wreaths on your interior doors to remind yourself and everyone else in the family that it’s Christmas. You can find these in most grocery and seasonal stores. However, making them yourself is always much more fun. There are numerous online craft videos and instruction articles, telling you precisely what you need to do and how to approach the activity. 

If you want a funny wreath, check out the Buddy the Elf wreath that I made a few years ago, the instructions are included. Alternatively, here’s a ribbon wreath that I made–it was for a different season, but you can use the same technique using your favorite Christmas ribbons.

So, there you have it: some actions you can take today to make your home look ultra-seasonal this festive period.

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