15 min Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath

Elf Wreath Tutorial

By now you may have seen the Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreaths for sale on sites like Etsy, where they start at $60 and up!

You can make your own Will Farrell Elf Face Wreath for significantly less. You can make this DIY Christmas Wreath to give as gifts or even to sell your own Christmas wreaths on sites like Etsy.

I saw this funny elf wreath last year and felt like I just had to make it. Below are instructions on making your own Buddy the Elf wreath and, if it’s easier for you, a short video (under 4 minutes) showing how it’s done.

Here’s the link to the approximately 4 minute DIY Elf Christmas Wreath.

Step by Step Instructions for Making your own Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath:

First, gather up your supplies. Fortunately, many of these can be found at your local Dollar Tree. You can see already that this will be an inexpensive elf wreath!

The DIY Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath supplies you need include:

  • Wire wreath form (you can sometimes find this at the Dollar Tree, or you can order it from Amazon).
  • Mesh Ribbon for Buddy Elf hair
  • Green Ribbon for the Elf shirt
  • Your choice of Decorative Ribbon for Buddy’s Elf outfit collar
  • Wire (I used floral wire)
  • One straight pin
  • Buddy Elf face cutout

I’ll include links below to the items. Here are the affiliate link disclaimers: Please note that as an affiliate, I may earn a small commission if you purchase products that I’ve provided links to. I hope they’re of help to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Here’s a link to the Dollar Tree site where I was able to get lots of ribbon for, well, $1 as you would expect. Shop online and you can additionally have it shipped for your convenience:

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts, Ribbon, and Supplies Link (click on banner below):

Elf Wreath Dollar Tree

Below are links to the Buddy the Elf wreath supplies on Amazon:

Step by Step Elf Face Wreath Instructions

Preparing the Buddy the Elf Hair on the wreath

  1. Cut mesh ribbon in strips that allow for approximately two curls of the mesh and hold them in the center.
Cutting wire mesh for elf wreath

2. Fold over your cut mesh sections and cut it at the folded edge. Keep holding it in the center.

fold wire mesh ribbon Christmas wreath

3. Wrap wire around the center of the mesh and you’ll see four “curls” now that you’re holding.

Create Buddy the elf curl for wreath

4. Secure the mesh curls to the wreath form using your wire. They should be standing up and looking at you. This gives the elf wreath it’s 3 dimensional quality that looks so great and lively.

secure Buddy elf curl to wire form

5. Keep going with the mesh elf curls. You’ll continue until you get half way around the wreath form. You can see how very full the Buddy the Elf hair looks now.

Creating will farrell buddy elf hair

Start working on the Buddy the Elf clothing for the Door Wreath

6. Start working on the shirt. In the movie, Buddy the Elf, Will Farrell’s outfit was green so I used green ribbon in my Christmas wreath. This ribbon wasn’t very firm. It isn’t a wired ribbon and so I needed to get a little creative in how I shaped it and attached it to the wire form.

add ribbon for elf shirt

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    7. I folded the ribbon accordion style into approximately 6 folds and cut it.

    fold ribbon accordion style

    8. I attached the green ribbon by running the wire through one end (the “top”) and attached it to the wire form.

    attach ribbon to wire wreath

    9. Here’s how the wreath is coming together. you can see how this ribbon looks different than the mesh, as it lays down nicely and forms a good base of the green shirt.

    creating elf wreath shirt finalized

    Adding the Decorative collar to the elf door wreath

    10. Add a decorative collar. In the movie, the elf’s collar is white. But I didn’t like white for the wreath and I had this pretty and festive looking ribbon laying around the craft room. It’s a wired ribbon, which also made it very easy to use.

    add decorative collar to elf

    11. Wrap the ribbon around and through the wire wreath form so that you have loops of ribbon. Fluff the ribbon when you’re done so that it looks nice and forms a good looking collar.

    wrap ribbon for decorative wreath

    Add the Will Farrell excited elf face to the Christmas wreath

    12. This Christmas wreath really comes alive once you add the face to it and here’s how I did it. I downloaded a picture of Will Farrell as Buddy the Elf from the internet. You can search something like “Will Farrell Elf Face for Wreath” for example. I printed it out and then glued it to a piece of cardboard. The I cut it out, removing all of the white space around the image. I placed pin holes (using a straight pin) at the top and on the two sides. Run your wire through these holes. You’ll use this to secure the face to the wreath form

    buddy elf face for wreath

    13. I secured the face to the wreath form and here’s how it’s looking

    secure elf face to back of wreath

    14. Add an elf hat to your Christmas wreath to complete the look. Secure it with wire to the underlying wreath.

    add hat to christmas door wreath

    15. Give your elf a hair cut. Feel free to trim up the mesh hair so that the face is visible. Additionally, move the ribbons so it’s all fluffed up the way you want it.

    give elf a haircut

    All done, hang and enjoy!!

    Buddy the Elf Wreath Tutorial

    I hope these Buddy the Elf Wreath Instructions were of help. Overall, the project should take you about 30 minutes and hopefully you have most of the supplies already in your craft room. Also, I’d love to see your elf Christmas wreath ideas so please post them in the comments!

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