Decor Hack using $1 Books

Recently I was renovating this waterfront condo using only DIY projects. I built a shiplap fireplace, added wallpaper on the sides, created shelves, and reupholstered chairs, but the room still needed more. (You can see that condo and the projects I’ve undertaken here). I needed to make it feel more coastal, but without spending much money … Read more

Barbie Inspired Kitchen

Not sure if you’ve seen it, but the Barbie Movie is inspiring so many! My 16 year old daughter, Cristina, absolutely loved it. So, I started thinking about how to bring a little Barbie glamour home and I decided to look for what I would consider Barbie themed items that I could find at great … Read more

Large DIY Beach Bag

Large DIY Beach Bag. I originally created this Beachy Bag just to use as an accessory when staging a Summery Styled Porch I put together when helping my son with his First Condo Flip last year. But I fell in love with the cute bag and use it all the time now and thought I’d put … Read more