Best Wireless Amazon LED Lights for my Renovation

Amazon lighting find

I had this dark room in a recent renovation. 

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This renovation was a beach condo that I wanted to renovate using only DIY projects; you can view more of those projects here.

The Problem

This bedroom didn’t have a lot of lighting at all. 

I’d added a shiplap wall and created a jute headboard in order to make it look more beachy, but it was too dark.

I didn’t want to add something bulky like floor lamps. And, I felt like nightstand lights would take up too much space. I really wanted it to look more modern.

The Find

Fortunately, I found these battery-operated wall sconce lights on Amazon

These wall sconces come in various colors, but I choose the gold color for the look of this room. 

Set up was super easy. I just took the bracket, and placed it on the wall. You can see the wall mounts here.

sconce wall mount

The great thing was that the bracket was almost the exact size as a piece of shiplap, so centering it was easy. 

Once the bracket was installed, I placed the faceplate and fixture over that, and then the only thing I had to do was screw it on.

installing the amazon lighting

I had charged up the light bulb ahead of time, so I just needed to screw it in and place the cap on it. 

They function by way of remote control and are dimmable and can change color. They’re great as a reading light, and my favorite thing is that it’s a great choice for a low budget option.

The Solution

bedroom after amazon lighting wall sconces

The Video

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