Wall decal ideas for your bedroom

Wall decal ideas for bedroom

I wanted to bring the feeling of Spring into my bedroom. I needed a project that would be temporary, inexpensive, but also make a statement.

I think I found it in this one…

Here’s how a bedroom wall decal decorated brought springtime to my master bedroom doorframe. 

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The starting point

Here’s how my door looked before the project. It’s a very tall door, with no decorative elements between it and the corner of the room on the right. There’s just a blank wall space there to the right, and I thought it would be a good idea to add a little something here. 

The Floral decals

I purchased these floral decals online, and they came as individual flowers and leaves. I like this product because the flowers were really nice and large.

I’ll admit, I’ve never used removable wall decals. I usually cover boring walls in my renovation projects with wallpaper instead, providing a pop of color (especially peel and stick wallpaper projects like this bathroom makeover) or creating accent wall projects like these. 

Step one was just peeling the decals off of their backing.

Attaching the decals

I placed the flower on the wall and it stuck easily, which is great for me since my walls are highly textured (as you can see) bedroom walls and I was worried about them clinging properly. I wasn’t sure if the vinyl wall decals would stick to anything other than a smooth surface.

Cutting and positioning

I used a razor blade from my pink tool kit set to cut along the edge of the flower, where it touched the door frame.

I then took that piece that I had cut off and applied it on the door frame itself.

This way, when looking at the door straight on, it would look like the flower continued naturally over the frame of the door itself.

I pressed the decal into the grooves of my door frame.

After that, I added more flowers up and around the top right corner of the frame.

The best part was that the wall decals were very easy to reposition so that I could make sure they were where I wanted them. Since they cling, rather than requiring any backing, there’s no sticky residue or anything to worry about.

The Final Product

Here’s how the door looked when I was done.

And here’s a closeup of how the flowers look on the door frame. It really was an affordable way, and creative way, to temporarily transform my drab walls and door frame. 

I may look for other fun easy stick wall decals for other holidays and seasons in the future. 

I hope this brings some springtime to your personal space!

Want to print out and keep an instruction sheet for this project for future use? You can download the free printout in the Library section of my site.

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