LED Lighted Christmas Centerpiece for your Table

Lighted Christmas centerpiece

I wanted to use these tall vases to bring some light and ornaments to my Christmas table. I use these vases all the time for DIY centerpiece projects, and combining them with waterproof LED lights provided for an easy and pretty tablescape.

Here are the supplies for the project.

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

First, I cut a 6ft decorated garland into two 3 ft pieces, since I was making two vases. The garland looked like Christmas tree branches and had red berries attached, as well as pinecones. 

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

I placed the waterproof LED puck light at the bottom of the tall vase and added a piece of ribbon around the vase to hide the puck light. This waterproof light is something I also use often. It takes 2 aa batteries, has a remote control and changes light color, and always creates a festive atmosphere.

I’ve also created a holiday centerpiece with fairy lights instead and you can view that one here if you’d like another great idea for using tall vases at the center of the table.

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

Add ornaments on top of that. I used gold Christmas ornaments, but it would also look great with red ornaments or whatever best suits your Christmas tablescape. 

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

Next I added my garland, filling it in with more ornaments wherever I had open spaces.

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

It really started to come alive once I added water. The ornaments floated and the water lets the puck light shine more.

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

You can see how the light shines from under the ornaments. I also ended up adding a second light at the top so that the entire tall vase looks illuminated.

I love this Christmas table centerpiece and the way you can see the pine cones in white and the light shining through the garland. 

tall vase christmas lighted centerpiece

Here’s how it looks on my dining table. I alternate between setting the light to green, or red, or yellow, so it always looks a little different every night.

Next, I’ll be working on the place settings and other Christmas table decorations. So please check back to see the final holiday table and other holiday decor throughout the house. 

Here’s a video of the process as well!


Adding water at the end totally makes it come alive for me. ? Easy Christmas vase decor made with some garland, ornaments, lights, and a tall vase. ? I ended up adding another light to the top when I was done so that light is shining through the water from the top and bottom. ? All of the items are from Amazon? ??if you’d like the links to the items just comment “Link” and I’ll send them to you. ? ? #christmas #christmasdecor #christmascenterpiece #diychristmas #centerpieceideas #lit #litcenterpiece #justaddwater #floatingornaments #christmastable #pucklights #pucklightswithremotecontrol

? Christmas Is Coming – DM Production

Merry Christmas, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a terrific Christmas dinner surrounded by loved ones. 

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