DIY Hanging Flower Ball (how to make them easily)

This Spring, I wanted to create not only a DIY Hanging Flower Ball, but one that would light up at night too!

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I wanted to create something that would look unique and beautiful in my garden during the day, but also look really cool at night. So, I ran down to Home Depot and picked up some beautiful flowers, as well as 2 of these different hanging baskets. 

They have the metal frame on the outside and they’re nice and sturdy, and have a chain that I can hang them from later. Once I was home, I also pulled out some black zip ties and some lights that I had ordered online. These are solar-powered lights, so they’ll work great when I use them outside.

supplies for diy hanging flower ball

I removed the chain from both the baskets and ended up removing the coco insert from one of the baskets. This way, I could set one basket on top of the other and create a cool-looking orb. I lined up the baskets so that the holes where the chains originally were lined up together.

Once I knew I had that all planned out, I opened everything up, placed my flowers inside, closed it again with the top frame on the top lined up the holes, and added zip ties to hold everything together securely. 

adding zip ties

Editor’s tip: At first I had the zip ties secure loosely, but then once it was all lined up I pulled them tight and cut the edges with some sharp scissors. Alternatively, you could use floral wire and wrap it through the holes several times to secure them. The main requirement is really just that you have a secure frame around your hanging flower ball.

zip ties securing two metal hanging baskets

Flower choice

You can see that you can fill your hanging flower ball with all sorts of annuals, create a single ball of blooms, dwarf marigold flowers would look great, or even add faux flowers. I created this in springtime but there are some summer bloomers that would look amazing! Like all DIY projects, it’s all up to your own preference and imagination. Just be careful when putting everything together, I damaged the flowers quite a bit and should have been more careful. 

Adding the lights

floral ball with command strips on top

My next step was to add the lights. I used some command strip tape just to secure the solar-powered portion of the lighting to the top of the orb. If you use these types of lights, just make sure before you secure everything down that you can still access any power button or light switch mode button that’s on the bottom of the solar part.

You could potentially also use a line of glue or a hot glue gun to secure the solar box, but I was happy with the ease of the command strips. I was also really happy with the way the solar piece fit right on top of the ball! 

wrapping solar lights around the outdoor basket

Now, I was ready to just go ahead and wrap my lights all the way around the project. I wrapped it in between all of the different wire pieces, wrapped it around the center, wrapped it along the bottom – just really wrapped it really well everywhere. This is the only part that took a long time. I had trouble keeping the wire untangled as I wrapped it. If anyone has a good trick for this, please share below!

wrapping lights around the hanging basket frame

Once it was all wrapped and ready, I let it sit in the sun for a few hours so that it could charge up. Then, I just turned them on and enjoyed how wonderful they look.

My final floral hanging ball with lights

It looks great during the day with lots of pretty flowers in color just like I wanted, and at night, it adds something different. It adds a little bit of light and something to talk about. I really love the way it turned out. I hope this inspires you to create something new and different in your garden. 

floral hanging ball with solar lights

This DIY hanging flower ball project is a great one whether you have a large garden, or you’re working with small spaces. You can find a secure hanging spot just about anywhere and let your flower ball grow. I placed mine in an extra-prominent location so that I could enjoy it throughout the season. If you create several of these floral light balls, you could cluster them and really transform any empty spaces in your garden. 

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