We are 5 amazing friends who support each other through everything. From different hometowns, different backgrounds, and different careers, we hold fast to our love of each other and share our lives and experiences. We humorously called ourselves the “Fab 5” and our tight group was known that way by our families. Until one day, one of our husbands got upset with our solidarity and called us “haggy friends”. Undaunted and unaffected, we embraced the term and became the “Hag 5”. But in reality, we are still fabulous too! So, here we are, the FabHag5!

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things we love

Coolest Wine Bottle Opener Ever!

So, there’s an old episode of Columbo in which the restaurant owner opens his wine with an injectable CO2 cartridge. Super quick and easy and so cool looking!. Amazingly, we were able to find it on Amazon! View a video of how it works (above) and click this link (below) to see the pricing on Amazon:

Wine opener with CO2 Cartridge link

Beach Waves for Hair

We were on a girl’s weekend beach vacation together when Jodie showed us this amazing hair product that we all tried and loved. We put it on after showering, left it in, and it gave us some great beachy waves. Here’s the link to it:

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