Products and Additional Info

Throughout my site I provide affiliate links to products that I hope will help you with your DIY project supplies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means that I may receive a small commission if you use these links to purchase products, but it does not change your price in any way.


I was fortunate enough to work with Malibu Wide Plank on some flooring projects. They provided flooring, and I provided a tutorial showing how to install it. I was EXTREMELY surprised the next time I went to purchase flooring and I went on the Home Depot site, and found a video of myself installing the flooring on the main Home Depot page! It was so cool!

I’m not sure if it’s still up, but you can go to the flooring link at and look at the instructional video (it was image number 4 when I saw it) and you might see me right there installing the flooring in the Southpointe condo!

Here are links to my favorite LVP flooring products and tools:
(Click on the link to be taken to the product page)

The specific Malibu Wide Plank Flooring I used in the Southpointe Condo is here

This flooring is one by Traffic Master which was priced at under $2 per sq ft when I purchased it, and it installed easily and looked fantastic.

Here’s a link to all of the flooring tools that I like: including a cute pink mallet, the lvp flooring cutter, shims, and rulers for the edges.

Cabinets and Fixtures

In the kitchen remodels, I really love the look of the tall faucets. I love the kind of modern industrial feel they give, and I have searched and found the ones that I felt were best looking and low priced.

For the sinks, I always buy the cool looking square ones that typically have the grate down at the bottom. They are so chic and look great with any decor.

I’ll also include here the pulls that I’ve used in the past, as well as the paint sprayer and tent that I used when painting cabinets.

Here’s a link to everything for the kitchen painting and fixtures upgrade.

Here are the items that I use for cabinet templates and pulls that I like as well:

And here are the products I used in updating the shower fixtures in this bathroom:

Tile Backsplash Materials

Here’s a link to the materials I used in my one day tile backsplash project.

Here are some staggered mosaic tiles I’ve enjoyed using, and also here’s a link to the time that I taught a group of teens how to install the backsplash in one day on a weekend teen project I carried out.

Items in the Southpointe Bathroom

Click on the photo for links to the items used in this bathroom in the Atrium condo

Tools I love to use

I do love to use my pink tool set. It keeps my things distinctly different from the others on the jobsite. So, no more missing levels or measuring tapes for me! Click here to see some of my go to tools.

Shiplap Fireplace Materials

Click on the photo to view items that I’ve used in my shiplap fireplace projects

Coastal Condo items

Here’s the blue wallpaper along with a video showing my installation process.

And if you click on the photo you’ll see the other items here

Painting Countertops to look like Marble

Here are the supplies I used in the marble-ized countertop project.

Adding Upper Cabinets to Kitchen

Here are some supplies for this project on Amazon

And some here on Home Depot.

Coastal Master Bedroom

Click on the photo to view the items in this bedroom, including the jute rug used for the headboard:

Tile Backsplash
Southpointe Bathroom
Shiplap Fireplace
Coastal Condo Items
Painting Countertops to look like Marble
Adding upper cabinets in kitchen
Coastal master