7 Steps to Creating Your Clubhouse Profile Ring

Create a Ring around your Clubhouse App Profile Picture

Are you on Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app seems to be the buzz these days, and I’ve just recently joined and am loving it. This invite only platform will soon go public and I expect it will blow up in popularity.

What is the Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is a social media platform based on audio involvement. Users create “rooms” with different topics. You can enter a room and participate in a discussion or simply listen in on the conversation. Users can connect and follow others, and they can also create groups with shared interests.

Books on the Clubhouse App

I am not an author of any Clubhouse app books, but I researched a list of them and am providing a link to them for you. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases.) Some of these books are free Kindle downloads and some are just a few dollars. One is also a notebook where you can take notes or plan your Clubhouse rooms.

Click here to link to the Clubhouse books

Clubhouse Profile Picture Ring

One of the things I noticed when I joined Clubhouse was that some of the participants in the rooms had profile pictures that really stood out from the rest. The profile photos are circular and these that stood out had an extra colored ring around them. At first I tried to figure out if this delineated any special characteristic, such as being a room moderator.

Skip the Tutorial and Download a Template to Use

If you’d like to skip the steps and the tutorial, and just download a free premade Canva template to use, please sign in to my website to get the password for all of my downloads.

YouTube tutorial to Create Clubhouse Profile Ring

In this You Tube Tutorial, I’ll walk you through the screen cast showing how I created the ring on my Clubhouse Profile Photo using the Canva website.

Using Canva to Create a Profile Picture with Ring (step by step with photos)

You can use Canva to create a profile photo that has a solid colored or multicolored ring around it. You can have a textured or gradient style look applied to your ring, and set the color to match your profile pic outfit or your mood.

Canva is a free app (it does have a paid version as well but you don’t need it for this). They have an amazing array of photos and templates for you to use. I love this app and use their website all the time.

  1. In Canva, go to new project, and start with a blank Instagram Post. I choose this because it’s a square, and that was the easiest way for me to center everything and save it for the Clubhouse app.
canva template with circular photo that can be used for clubhouse app template starting point

2. Once you have your blank square, you can look through the Templates tab and find one that has a circular photo in it. Click on that template to place it into your working window.

circle photo enlarged to fill in square outline

3. Delete any extra elements in the template so that you’re left with a circular photo and a background color. Make sure your circle is in the center of the square

Clubhouse profile pic being inserted into template

4. From here, you can upload your profile photo into the program, then slide it into the template. Click on the background and you will have the option to change the background to a different color, to a gradient, or to a patterned background.

Save your design

5. When you’re happy with your image, download it. From here I emailed it to myself so that I could open it on my phone and save the image to my phone’s camera roll.

Setting up your Profile Picture on Clubhouse

6. Open your Clubhouse app and click on your profile (top right corner). You will have the option to change your profile photo. The app will then ask if you’d like to upload a photo from your Library. This is where your saved profile picture is. So, go to the library and upload your new photo.

Here’s my photo before I added the ring.

change your clubhouse app profile photo

Adding a Ring to your Clubhouse Profile Picture

Even though the photo we created is in the shape of a square, the app will convert it to a round shape and you’ll be left with a “ring” around your Clubhouse profile picture.

clubhouse profile ring

Skip the Steps and Download a Template to Use for your Clubhouse Profile Picture Ring

If you’d like to skip the steps and the tutorial, and just download a free premade Canva template to use, please sign in to my website to get the password for all of my downloads.

Join Me on Clubhouse

7. I’m still new to Clubhouse but I’m enjoying it so far. I listen in on “rooms” while I’m driving. It’s like listening to a Podcast in a way; but also better in that you can join in and ask questions if you have one. I’d love to connect on Clubhouse, and you can find me there under the name @marciasocas

Most of the rooms I join will have to do with real estate flipping or with blogging, since those are my passions.

Clubhouse App Invite

Right now, the Clubhouse app is by invite only. Their site says they’re gearing up for public release, but as of the time of this writing, it’s invite only. The way I got an invite was by downloading the app and starting the sign up process. I received a notification that my account would be available soon. That same day, someone I knew sent me an invite. I think they could see that someone in their contact list had signed up.

If someone from your contact list doesn’t send you an invite, I would recommend that you ask for one on your Facebook or other social media. You never know who in your group of friends has an available invite. Alternatively, look up Facebook groups and see if you can find one that has an invite chain. I’ve seen a few of these lately. You get an invite from someone in the group. The Clubhouse app then gives you an invite (or two) that you can use to invite others. You, in turn, invite someone else in the group chain.

What I love about Clubhouse

If you’re still not sure what all the hype is, I can tell you why I’ve fallen in love with Clubhouse just 3 days after joining. I love that I can scroll the calendar and find “rooms” where different topics are being discussed and I can jump in or out of a room at the touch of a button. I can choose to participate or just listen in.

How does the Clubhouse app differ from a Podcast

It’s the interactivity found on the Clubhouse App that makes it unique. I have some podcasts that I love listening to while driving, or out exercising. It takes me time to find podcasters that I like, but I enjoy them because after listening to them for a while it’s like having an easy friendship where I don’t do any work, I just listen. But it’s all one sided. I can’t ask the questions I’d like to ask if it’s a topic I’m learning about.

Clubhouse changes that. It makes the speakers more accessible. I’ve been able to find bloggers and podcasters that I follow and want to learn from. Rather than being these distant figures that I listen to passively, they’ve become real people who I’ve been able to ask questions of.

How to Interact in Clubhouse rooms

When you are in a “room” in Clubhouse, you can raise your hand to ask a question and the moderator will bring up on the virtual stage. This means that when it’s your turn, you simply speak into your phone and you’re interacting in real time with everyone in the room. It’s a great way to get questions answered and form connections.

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