Amazing Kitchens 2021

If you’re looking for some amazing kitchens 2021 for inspiration, I have some great ones for you! As a real estate broker and home renovator and flipper, I spend most of my days touring or researching amazing kitchens and cool kitchen ideas.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet color is one that’s changed over the years. White cabinets and Gray cabinets have become extremely popular and I continue to see them in model homes in Florida. There is one kitchen with gray cabinets that I posted on my Pinterest, and it quickly amassed over 3 Million views!

White Cabinets

Bright White Cabinets remain extremely popular, with different colored backsplashes giving them their character.

White Cabinets with Blue Arabesque Tile Backsplash

This home has a great combination of blue and white. It also has a uniquely shaped kitchen island.
white kitchen with blue arabesque tile backsplash

White Kitchens

Here’s another white kitchen to love. This one has white cabinets and gray countertops, two popular choices in today’s homes.

White and Gray Kitchen

white kitchen gray countertops and gray backsplash
Photo Credit: M/I Homes
gray and white kitchen
Photo Credit: M/I Homes

Modern Kitchen Faucets

As you look through all of these kitchens, the one thing they have in common is tall kitchen faucets. Here’s a link to some amazing looking ones that have a budget price you won’t believe. I use these in our house flips and they really make the kitchen and don’t break the budget.

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Kitchen Envy

Here’s a kitchen to be envied for sure! This K Hovnanian home features the largest kitchen island I’ve seen in any floorplan.

Photo credit: K Hovnanian

Inspiration Kitchen

*Modern Kitchen Curtains

Cool Kitchen Clocks

*kitchen remodel ideas

Modern Kitchen Handles

As you can see in these inspiration kitchens, the handles are usually large (approximately 5″ or larger for many of them). Updating the pulls on kitchen cabinets is an easy way to change the look of the kitchen. I changed the look of my kitchen by removing the old birdcage style pulls and installing more modern kitchen handles.

Here are a few that are extremely well priced — there are square shaped ones and the more “rod” style ones. I used these pulls that are over 7″ long in a recent remodel and it was great. With these you can update your kitchen for well under $100

Kitchen island

Waterfall Kitchen Island

Look at this amazing quartz waterfall kitchen island I saw in a model home in Winter Garden, Florida. This kitchen by M/I Homes is stunning and the waterfall kitchen island really makes it stunning.

Here’s a video view so you can see a bit more of it and Pin it for later:

Breakfast bar

The breakfast bar has gone from the raised bar height seating area to more of a counter height which makes the entire kitchen open up even more.

If you have a breakfast bar and want to change this to a counter height countertop, it’s easier than you may think. We updated our early 2000’s home by removing the breakfast bar and you can see how it looked when we made this update and upgraded to marble countertops.

Open Shelving

Open shelving can be seen on all of the TV shows these days. We still don’t see it much in our kitchens here in Central Florida just yet.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these amazing kitchens 2021 that they’ve inspired you and your next kitchen creation.

I’m adding more amazing kitchens daily so please understand if the page isn’t full quite yet.


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  1. Hello ! They is a video posted on pintrest of a kitchen with the brownish/gold countertops – I have those same countertops and was wondering what the paint color for the cabinets and the name of the backslash in the video. Thanks

    • I’m so sorry but I unfortunately don’t have the colors on the builder sheet for that kitchen


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