Virtual House Flipping Project

Thanks for being part of this renovation where YOU are involved in this house flipping project virtually. You can help make the decisions and work to stay in the budget. I think this will be a lot of fun and am looking forward to your input!

Here’s a link to the YouTube video of the house if you’d like to view that again.

Here’s the starting info on the house:

  • Ranch home
  • Single Story
  • Built in 1959
  • Orlando, Florida (close to the Florida Mall in the Sky Lake area)
  • Currently has 3 bedrooms, and only 1 bath
  • It also has 2 rooms (not considered bedrooms because they don’t have closets)
  • It has a back porch that has some plywood that needs to be taken down
  • Roof is new, so that’s a great selling point

It was purchased for $170,000

There is a house two blocks away with the same floorplan, listed at $225,000, so we don’t have a big budget to work with.

Considering what we will need to pay in closing costs, we need to try and keep our rehab budget to $15,000 or less. Help me stay in budget! We have to replace the a/c, so this is going to be a big expense, so hopefully we can keep the rest of the projects inexpensive but amazing.

First steps:

The first thing I need to remember to do is to get the utilities on, I almost forgot and that would have put us behind schedule from the start!

Demolition–My husband John will head to the house Monday and start taking out the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity, as well as the fans and the junk from the back. The dumpster will arrive Tuesday so everything can be loaded in.

Paint–We hope to start painting by Thursday or Friday, and here’s the first place I’ll need your help. Pick your favorite so that I can get the results tallied and head to the paint store.

Interior paint:

Here’s a look at the living room as it is now. It’s very yellow and dirty and warming up the color is going to help a lot I think.

Living room with yellow walls
Living Room “before”
This is how the paint looks in the bedrooms

And here are colors to choose from in this virtual house flipping

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray Paint

Agreeable Gray is a color I first saw in builder model homes. It has been used frequently by home renovators and flippers because it looks great when paired with white trim and it’s neutral while still giving the modern feel of the gray-craze that has been taking over in design lately. Some people feel that gray is “out” this year, but I still like it. I’m curious what you think!

Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige

This is another great color because it looks beige sometimes and gray other times. I have this color in a few rooms in my home and the hue looks different depending on the colors around it. It’s a very flexible color and soft and pleasing. How do you like this one?

Lazy Gray

Lazy Gray

I have this color in my bedroom at home so I can tell you that it’s soothing and it actually has quite a bit of blue undertones to it. It’s a gentle blue, not harsh at all, and might look great throughout a home. I’ve never used it for a whole home color and it may look great. Is this your favorite?



I’ve never used this color but the swatch looks beautiful. It might be a little darker than I’d usually use, but this experiment is all about handing the vote over to you. So, maybe this pretty green hued beauty is your favorite, let me know!

Time to vote!

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Voting for this section is now complete.

Voting Results:

The crowd favorite was Agreeable Gray! We will be painting the interior Agreeable Gray with Bright White Trim. Here is how the polling came out:

Agreeable Gray 36%
Accessible Beige 28.5%
Lazy Gray: 28.5%
Silvermist: 7%

The next vote will be for the exterior colors. I’m really stuck on that and look forward to your help.

Exterior Colors in the Virtual House Flipping Project

Here’s a picture of how the home looked at the start of the renovation. We definitely need to upgrade the exterior colors.

Here are the color choices for the exterior:

Greek Villa

This is the color I have on my own home. It looks crisp, clean, and beautiful. However, my home is a Spanish/Mediterranean style whereas this flip home is a Florida ranch style home.

Salty Dog

I’ve never used this color before but I would be excited to try something new with it. I think it would look nice with white shutters and trim. This would be a bold choice!

Green Smoke

We’ve painted homes green in the past and it looks really nice with black shutters and white trim at the roofline. I’d love to know what you think.

Gray Huskie

I do love the grays and think this would look great with either black or white accent and trim.

Time to Vote in the Virtual House Flipping Project

What’s your vote for the exterior paint color? I’ll tabulate these results along with those I receive on social media. Just Click on the title of your favorite color below

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  1. Silvermist is SO pretty, I’d love to see that in real life.


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