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Ribbon wreath — Welcome to our SuperBowl Party!

Every year we love to have a big SuperBowl party at the house, and each year I love decorating for it just a little bit differently. This year, one of the things I did was make these football themed wreaths for the door.

Instructions with photos follow, but if you prefer to view this tutorial in a 5 minute video, you can see it here:

Total cost involved in project:

Wire wreath form $5.87 for two 16″ wire wreath forms
Football ribbon (2) $9.99 each
Green Yardage ribbon (1) $12.32

The ribbon was wired ribbon, and the size was 2 1/2″ width, and 10 yds length. I purchased all of the supplies from Amazon. Here’s a link to the products I used (As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases):

Several tutorials I had seen involved cutting ribbon into strips, but I want to be able to reuse this wreath form throughout the year, and I may want to reuse the ribbon in a different way for another future project, so I didn’t want to cut it. Fortunately the wired ribbon and the wire form make this possible.

I started by simply wrapping the wired ribbon around the a section of the form to use as an anchor and starting point.

From here, loop the ribbon in the center section of the wire form and hold between two fingers. With the other hand, move the ribbon under the form wiring down to the bottom section. This allows the ribbon to wrap underneath the form wire.

Like this:

You’ll continue looping and wrapping between the center and bottom sections, all the way around the form.

Keep going…

Getting there…

When you get to the end, you’ll notice that there are spots where you can still see the form, so you’ll want to put some loops in the top section of the form as well. This will help fill in the other sections and push them together.

Once you’re done, poof up all of the loops and then add your coordinating ribbon

To make an easy bow, just loop the ribbon around several times, hold it in the center, and leave a tail.

Wrap the tail around the wreath and secure it by wrapping around the center of your bow.

To place it on a door like mine, I added a little ribbon to the form and then hung it over the decorative iron scrolls on the door.

That’s it! Hope you found it to be as quick and easy as I did. It was a great Super Bowl decoration, and could easily be adopted to fit particular sports teams or any other theme. Now that our SuperBowl party is over, I’ve removed the ribbon, stored it for a future project, and I’ve reused the wire wreath form for a Valentine’s Day surprise for the kids. One of my next blog posts should be out about that project soon!

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