Valentine’s Day Wreath made with Dollar Tree supplies

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to prepare some wreaths, not for the front door, but rather for the kids’ doors. I found lots of ribbon at Dollar Tree (I’m an affiliate and earn from qualifying purchases), and bought about $12 worth. I reused the Super Bowl Wreath wire form that I had made in a prior post.


Here’s a link to the Dollar Tree crafts that you may want to use:

In the prior wreath tutorial, I had used one wired ribbon continuously for the wreath, which allowed the ribbon to be re-useable. However, the dollar ribbon was less firm and definitely shorter in total length, so running a continuous ribbon stream along the whole wreath wasn’t possible.

So, instead, I cut this ribbon into strips, ranging between 20″-24″

Then, take a strip of ribbon, and twist the ends together to form a loop. You can then take that loop, wrap it under a wire of the wreath form, make “bunny ears” and tie it together.

Repeat a bunch of times…

Once you have several on there, you can poof out the loops a bit to see how it’s going to start taking shape and determine where to add more color variety.


Approx 10 minutes later, it was done!

To make it a little more special and personalized, you can also buy some foam hearts. These are available at the dollar tree as well in a package of 6 per $1. You can write some messages to the kids, letting them know some things that are special or that you love about them. I then used a command hook to put it on their doors. This way I could remove it easily later.

I hope you enjoy it and that your kids enjoy the special attention.

**Note: I made this for my 17 year old son, and also for my 12 year old daughter. I worried it might be too silly or ‘baby-ish’ for my son. He’s a big kid, over 6’2″ tall, and leaving for college next year. Imagine my surprise when, a few days later, he asked me to leave the wreath up on his door for a while. He told me he really loved it, it made him feel great, and that he appreciated it. My heart melted!!!

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