99 Barn Door Ideas

If you know me or have explored my website, you know that I love to renovate properties. Recently, I was renovating and selling a condo that had a pantry door that opened out into the dining space. It made no sense to have a door that took up so much space in this tiny condo. So, I decided to actually take the existing interior pantry door and convert it myself to a barn door. I was able to repurpose the existing door and create the new barn door for well under $100. You can see that post and information over here if you want to DIY your own barn door. (DIY Barn Doors using your old door)

When I was doing that, I started to research different types of barn doors so I could figure out what type of look and style I wanted on the barn door I was creating. Little did I know the fun rabbit hole I was going down when I started to research barn door ideas.

Below are 99+ photos of my favorite barn door ideas.

How do barn doors work?

Barn doors are big space savers because they don’t open up into open space the way that traditional swinging doors do. A barn door is a sliding door that utilizes barn door hardware that consists of rollers attached to the top of the door and a track for the barn door that serves as sliding hardware. Hardware can be set for the barn door slide on the left or right side of the door frame.

barn door on track, sliding with rollers

The trade off with barn doors

While your modern sliding barn door is a great idea for eliminating the intrusion into living space that a regular door takes up; you do need plenty of wall space for the barn door to slide over to when it is opened. So, make sure that you have enough space available.

You can see how helpful it was in my condo flip because a regular door interrupts the dining room.

This was my Easy DIY Barn Door

History of barn doors

Barn doors have been used historically in, well, barns. However, interior barn doors made their way onto the interior design scene at least as early as 2011, when this barn door was featured in HGTV’s dream home of the year.

Source: HGTV

Cost of barn doors:

The cost of barn doors has decreased significantly over the past few years. Barn door kits are now sold at local stores such as Home Depot. You can buy a kit that comes with the door and hardware for under $300 . Alternatively, you can DIY a barn door and then just buy the hardware and barn door handle at Amazon. Here are the best priced ones that I found.

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Where can I use a barn door?

Barn doors are often seen these days when entering the home office. I especially see them when the office is located off of the front door area and you don’t want bulky doors opening into the foyer or entry hallway.

Like this:

Source: Decorpad

And here are other barth door to office ideas:

Photo by Great Neighborhood Homes

Photo by Harth Builders

Photo by Bartels Doors & Hardware

Photo by KP Designs Group

Photo by Swanson Homes

Photo by

Photo by

Look at how amazing this small space, with barn doors added, creates a gorgeous workspace

Photo by Robert Elliott Custom Homes

The master bathroom is another common spot for barn doors.

Master Bathroom Barn Door Ideas:

Here’s a barn door I installed in a 1950s home that we renovated and sold. The barn door had glass panels, but they were frosted so they provided privacy

Here are some other Barn Door to master bathroom Ideas:

Photo by International Custom Designs

Here’s another one with an idea that I love. Notice how the barn doors have mirrors on them. It keeps privacy into the bathroom area and is practical and functional.

Photo by TRG Architecture + Interior Design

Here’s one with more of a rustic wood for a rustic look style

Photo by Cardinal BarnwoodSearch bathroom design ideas

Photo by Glen Irani ArchitectsSearch bathroom pictures

This is a great idea, since the barn door separates the toilet from the bathroom and doesn’t take up any space:

Photo by SCF Architecture, LLCMore bathroom photos

Photo by Yearley InteriorsSearch bathroom design ideas

While I enjoy a barn door to the master bath, I find that it’s more difficult to the master suite generally, because you want to be able to lock the door securely.

Barn Door to Guest Suite

While I don’t like a barn to do a master suite, you can also use barn doors when it comes to a guest room. As a Realtor, most often I’ve seen this when a barn door is added to the entrance to a guest suite area. The kind with the guest bedroom and bath tucked off the house with their own little hallway area.

Photo by Wynn & Associates

Photo by Buckenmeyer Architecture

Closet and pantry barn doors are extremely popular as well, as you’ll see below.

Closet door barn doors

These closet doors are also perfect examples of spaces ideal for barn doors. I love seeing them, rather than a standard door, leading to master bedroom closets. This is because the barn-style doors provide easy access to the closet. Here are some barn door closet ideas.

Source: decorpad.com

And while you’re at it, you can use your closet as a little home office with the addition of the right barn doors. Check out this idea:

Photo by Michaelson Homes LLC

Pantry barn door ideas

I used a barn door for a pantry in a condo renovation and it really helped preserve space in the small room. I kept it neutral by using a white door. But if this were truly a space that I lived in, I’d love to create a chalkboard barn door at the pantry. This way I could write notes to the kids or my husband. I love the way these designers created theirs:

Source: Decorpad

And this one with the chalkboard wall and rustic wood barn door:

Source: Decorpad

Here are some barn door pantry ideas.

Source: Decorpad

Speaking of chalkboard barn door ideas:

Here’s a chalkboard barn door to a playroom which is just adorable

Source: Decorpad

Photo by DAYORIS Doors / PanelsDiscover home design design inspiration

And here’s an entry into a laundry room, another great barn door idea:

Photo by Cummings Architecture + InteriorsMore kitchen ideas

Photo by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions CharlotteDiscover kitchen design inspiration

Single doors or double barn doors?

For wider openings you may have to go with double doors. Just make sure you have enough room for them to open properly on both sides.

Source: doornmore.com

Colors for barn door ideas?

While white barn doors are the traditional look, you can achieve a more modern look through the use of colors. I love these colors for barn doors. Select white doors or explore other options. Barn door color ideas:

Beautiful Blue barn door from White Shanty:

Source: White Shanty
Source: Decorpad

Great Yellow Barn Doors make this Playroom awesome:

Photo by Green Basements & RemodelingSearch home office design ideas

Some more yellow

Photo by Four Brothers Design + BuildBrowse bedroom ideas

Green Barn doors

Photo by Solitude HomesSearch entryway design ideas

Source: Decorpad

Orange Barn Door

Source: Decorpad

Red Barn Door

Photo by Nest Designs LLCSearch dining room design ideas

Barn door material ideas

Solid wood and the wooden barn door are fantastic, but interior spaces and modern designs often feature glass barn doors or glass panels as well. Here are some glass barn door ideas. You’ll also see some doors that have glass panes inset. These are great for obscuring a room and keeping noise out, but allowing natural light in at the same time.

Photo by Top Roller Hardware Crafts Manufacture Co.LtdDiscover home design design inspiration

Photo by Grafted HardwareMore home office photos

This one is tall and stunning

Photo by Specialty DoorsMore home design photos

Barn door design ideas

Choose from the vintage barn doors look, the herringbone barn door, the shaker style barn door look, or a chevron pattern.

Here’s one that’s simple but stunning:


Source: renin.com
Source: Etsy
Source: Gambrick

Photo by Bartels Doors & HardwareBrowse living room photos

Photo by Emerick ArchitectsBrowse hallway ideas

As a Realtor, I have the benefit of visiting lots of modern homes, model homes, and different homes each with it’s unique style. Barn doors can serve as a wonderful focal point, and the best part is that they can really take a plain space and make it look so beautifully designed.

More Unique Barn Door Ideas

Imagine how this live edge barn door idea elevates a room!

Photo by Bartels Doors & HardwareMore living room photos

And here’s a Moroccan Inspired barn door

Source: Etsy

Other Unique patterns for barn door ideas:

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy

Barn doors are a great way to save space that a traditional door would take up. When space is at a premium, barn doors provide an easy way to make sure that you can incorporate a space-saving solution into a space and maintain a beautiful home decor style at the same time. The different types of barn doors have really allowed for this. The traditional barn doors were always seen as essentially a farmhouse style.

Here are some barn doors that liven up a theme in a room:

I love a themed bedroom, you can explore my many many many themed bedrooms here.

Below are some barn door ideas that add to a themed room

Industrial game room style barn door

Photo by Donahoe GroupLook for family room design inspiration

Photo by Daniel Contelmo ArchitectsBrowse kids’ room ideas

I love this one, and the large door is fantastic

Source: Decorpad

Photo by Our Town PlansSearch kids’ room design ideas

Source: Decorpad

Photo by Sierra Homes (Omaha, NE)Search bedroom design ideas

Barn Door Ideas to Hide Entertainment Centers

Photo by Samsel ArchitectsDiscover family room design inspiration

More modern:

Photo by Michaelson Homes LLCBrowse home theater ideas

This one is a little more rustic

Photo by Fraser DesignDiscover living room design inspiration

Room Divider Barn Doors

Photo by Voorhees Design ChatsworthDiscover living room design inspiration

I put together this collection of the variety of styles of barn door ideas that I found and I hope that these barn door ideas inspired you.

Oh, here’s another great one!

Outdoor barn door idea:

I hope that you find that these great barn door ideas showcased a wide range of styles and that you found a great option that will serve as the perfect addition to your own home. Whether you have a small space or a large one, barn doors are one of the best things you can add. They’re capable of changing room styles and feeling and can be the perfect place and perfect way to express your style in a room.

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