Picture Hanging Shortcut

Hanging pictures on the wall can be a pain, especially if you want to create a gallery wall or hang multiple pictures in a precise formation. However, using tape as a template for marking hooks can make the process much easier and more accurate. Here’s a picture hanging shortcut that works for me! Step 1: … Read more

Fairy Bedroom

If you’re looking to create a little girls dream bedroom with a fairy theme, these suggestions should help inspire you. I saw this design in a model home that I toured here in Orlando, Florida. I love this girls room. Click here for Shoppable Photo showing these or similar items on Amazon Fairy Lights Adding … Read more

99 Barn Door Ideas

If you know me or have explored my website, you know that I love to renovate properties. Recently, I was renovating and selling a condo that had a pantry door that opened out into the dining space. It made no sense to have a door that took up so much space in this tiny condo. … Read more

Outdoor Patio Wall Idea

Easy Summery DIY Patio Wall Art A while back, I taught my son how to flip his first condo. You can view the info on it on my website and see what we did and exactly how much he made if you’d like to. He let me have fun “staging” it, and my favorite area … Read more